Raptors, Pacers Renew Acquaintances…

Somewhat lost in the buzz of the Raptors returning to action to ACC after a long hiatus is the fact that the Raptors and Pacers didn’t get along all that well back in 2010-11.

Things stepped up a notch at the conclusion of the second matchup at Conseco Fieldhouse in the Raptors’ 104-93 defeat to the Pacers way back on Janiary 31st. Indiana had the game well in hand and with time winding down, point guard Darren Collison appeared ready to just dribble the clock out.

But while you can’t see it in this clip, you can hear the result of Collison electing to drive to the bucket and lay it in with just half a second to play. Now the Pacers had to hoist one with the shot clock expiring, but then head coach Jay Triano was sufficiently incensed at what he described as an attempt to “extend the game” that he tried to take it a step further and call a timeout. The refs didn’t give it to him.

That doesn’t mean the Raptors forgot about the incident however. Leandro Barbosa, who did not take part in that previous matchup, decided to return the favour in the dying seconds of an eventual 108-98 Raptors win.

“You can’t give respect if you don’t (get) respect,” Barbosa said after the incident, adding that things were considered even by the Raptors.

Pacers veteran forward Danny Granger got in Barbosa’s face after the play and was slightly less philosophical about the incident post-game.

“If I was on him, I would have took his head off and I would have been suspended for a game for a flagrant foul,”  Granger said.  “Stuff like that will sit in the back of your head the next time we play Toronto. We don’t play them again but if I was on him, I would have taken his neck off.”

That ‘next time’ just happens to be tonight as both teams aim to improve to 2-0 in a new season. Should be a lot of fun and it all starts today at our Tip-Off Tailgate at 3:30 PM. If you can’t make it down to ACC, be sure to watch Akil Augustine and I tee up the home opener in a Raptors.com live web stream at 4:00 PM, get some visits from a guest or two and take your questions submitted via twitter.

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