A History Lesson In Halifax

With an afternoon off in Halifax, head coach Dwane Casey traded the court for some culture, by taking a tour of the Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia on Thursday.

For Casey, learning more about Halifax’s rich history and proud ties to the Undergraound Railroad was a priority with his team in town for training camp.

“I thought it was important just to see the historical part of Halifax while we’re here,” said Casey. “Especially [Halifax’s role in] the Underground Railroad, which I have a cultural history with. I think that’s important not only for myself but for some of our players and coaches who went out and were able to see.”

Casey was joined by a group that included assistant coaches Johnny Davis and Eric Hughes, new guard John Lucas III and Sherman Hamilton of NBA TV Canada. Dr. Henry Bishop, the BCC’s curator, and Executive Director Lou Gannon served as the group’s invaluable guides, painting a vivid picture of the establishment of Black communities in the Maritimes.

The group learned about several significant dates in Black migration to the region, some of the key historical figures and for some, the discovery that their own roots may have a connection with the area.

John Lucas III and BCC Executive Director Lou Gannon.

Dwane Casey and Johnny Davis learned more about the BCC from Dr. Henry Bishop.


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