A Longer Look At “Centred: The Jonas Valanciunas Story”

One of the best parts of this job is working with any material that’s shot and produced by my colleagues Jeff Rocchi and Jeff Landicho.

If you follow @Raptors on Twitter, you probably noticed some re-tweets courtesy of Landicho (aka @NBAXL) from Lithuania recently, where the Jeffs were working on an new NBA TV Canada special taking a closer look at Raptors 2011 first-round pick Jonas Valanciunas.

From there, we received brief promos and most recently, a title, release date and your first look at a lengthy clip from the special above.

The word “hype” has been thrown around a lot when it comes to how we’ve elected to cover him concurrently with this grind of a Raptors campaign, but my sincere wish is that Raptors fans can at least view “Centred: The Jonas Valanciunas Story” for the unique opportunity that it is.

I don’t care if the prospect is from Utica or Utena, it’s rare to get this kind of unfettered access to a young prospect and see where he came from, the environment in which he’s developing and just what he means not only a community, but an entire country.

A quick search can dig up everything you need to know about Valanciunas’ strengths, weaknesses and statistics. But if you want to go beyond the hype and get to know the young man who will eventually call Toronto home for the foreseeable future, check out “Centred” on NBA TV Canada on March 20th.

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