A Good Night For Some Great Fans…

I’m undeniably fortunate to work around this game and this team, but losing isn’t generally all that much fun for anyone involved. It doesn’t change what I do, but I’d be lying if I said the litany of L’s these last two seasons didn’t sometimes overshadow the many things that make this gig great.

Then there are days like Monday, that remind you about how much joy a single game or player can sometimes bring, even if it comes on a night that results in another tough loss like Monday’s 109-87 defeat against the Hawks at ACC.

The boys basketball team from École St-Pierre from Sudbury brought that excitement as they made their first trip to see the Raptors live.

Alice Norquay, who’s a frequent contributor to our #RTZ Chats on game nights as @SweetWillowTree, coaches the team and has used the Raptors as a teaching tool for her players this season — requesting that they watch games as homework assignments to get a better understanding of  the right and wrong ways to play at both ends of the court.

There haven’t been many opportunities for the team to travel to play, so she worked with the school to do the next best thing by bringing them to Toronto to see their homework come to life in front of them.

Despite some parking woes (I blame Oprah), the thrill of seeing the team they’ve followed so closely live was evident and when you get to see tweets like this, it makes you appreciate your own vantage point a little more.

Amir Keeps It Rolling For A Second Year

After Monday’s game, it was off to e11even in Maple Leaf Square, where Amir Johnson was doing his thing for a second straight year with his I Roll With Amir fan appreciation night.

Fifty lucky winners that interact with the social-media savvy forward online scored tickets to the evening-long event, which included a pre-game gathering for food at St. Louis Wings sports bar and tickets to last night’s game against the Hawks before a post-game dinner with the host himself.

It’s a night that requires more than a little effort to plan and continues the unique relationship Johnson has with his fans. To see winners like @RyanJTurvey and his wife Jen design a card for all those in attendance to sign or hear about @sarimb baking as a thank you, the appreciation appears to be mutual.

More from I Roll With Amir – Part 2 below.


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