Amir Johnson: “Let Me Try The Zombie Deal”

Amir Johnson takes part in the annual Toronto Zombie Walk. Photo courtesy of @IamAmirJohnson on Twitter.

If that particularly tall zombie in the photo above looks familiar, he should. It is, in fact, Amir Johnson in his latest and possibly greatest way to try something different in Toronto.

The annual Toronto Zombie Walk celebrated its tenth anniversary this past Saturday, but it was a first for Johnson.

 “I had so much fun at Nuit Blanche, the art thing, so I was like, let me try the zombie deal,”  he said after Sunday’s practice.  “I was excited to do it and I might have some plans next year to do it again.”

Johnson, who said The Walking Dead is his favourite TV show, went full out by hiring a professional makeup artist to spend an hour on a truly authentic undead appearance.

Did the makeup pass the test for the six-foot-nine forward among an expected crowd of over 7,000 wannabe walkers?

“Nobody recognized me,” said Johnson. “Maybe two people that kind of recognized me and they were just standing there like ‘that’s a tall zombie. Wait a minute, are you Amir?’ and I’m like ‘No, I’m not Amir. Nooooo.’ It was pretty awesome.”

It’s the latest distinctly Torontonian experience for Johnson, who has also attended Caribana, the Canadian National Exhibition and, as mentioned, the night-long outdoor art festival Nuit Blanche in the past year. If he’s not trying to get his fans to join him somehow with his Twitter account, Facebook page or his official website, he’s creating his own events like his annual ‘I Roll With Amir‘ celebration.

Johnson said he’s also got much more to come.

“You’ve just got to stay tuned. I don’t want to give away all the goodies.”

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