Stripes The Mascot Gets His Chance To Shine

Stripes the Mascot has hit town.

Stripes has been called up to The Show.

After an exhaustive search that failed to turn up the Raptors’ new mascot, the club turned to an in-house solution.

In The Raptor’s house, as it turned out.

Stripes is The Raptor’s young cousin. His mom still calls him Velociraptor, especially when he is in trouble, but his unique markings led to his nickname when Stripes was just a kid about, oh, 200 million years ago.

The Raptor suffered a potentially season-ending injury early in the exhibition season. A true gamer, The Raptor has braved injuries […]

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Reaction After An Injury To The Raptor

The Raptors have suffered their first major injury of the season and it’s of the absolutely heartbreaking variety.

The Raptor — widely considered to be the best mascot in all of sports — ruptured an Achilles tendon last week during Training Camp in Halifax, meaning we likely won’t see his high-flying antics for the entirety of the 2013-14 season.

News of the injury spread rapidly on social media, with fans sending their well wishes…

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The news also resonated […]

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