On Mighty Mouse, Kanter & More

– According to CBSSports.com, sources have indicated University of Memphis head coach John Pastner is poised to hire first-ever Raptors rookie draft pick Damon Stoudemire as an assistant with the Tigers. Both are products of the University of Arizona in the 90’s, with Stoudemire, the 1995-96 Rookie Of The Year, serving as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies’ coaching staff since 2009.

– We heard president and GM Bryan Colangelo mention it last week on The Score, but thehoopsreport.com reports that Turkish big man Enes Kanter will work out for the ...

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The Rabbit Dilemma

Read Bargnani’s Official Statement

The basketball guy prefers ornate answers and gentle language. The hockey man speaks in six-word sentences and swears a lot.

Now that Bryan Colangelo has signed a multi-year-extension, he and Brian Burke have something in common past the letterhead on their cheques. Both will be charged with making a soufflé out of a donut.

It’s a simple truth that spans the sports: no centre, little chance of a playoff.

The Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk reported that Andrea Bargnani told Italy’s Sky Sports that IF he were to leave Toronto he ...

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