Close…. Again…

Our winning #RTZ Tweet from Monday courtesy of @TTOTambz is right. To see JJ Redick join a growing rogues gallery of Raptors heartbreakers this season seems like a less than deserving fate for a team that’s been outgunned for much of the season, but rarely outworked for over a month now.

But as head coach Dwane Casey pointed out post-game, the fight should be commended but it’s the slip — not the fall — that’s doing the Raptors in. In Monday’s 92-88 loss to the visiting Magic for example, it came when they were down 83-78 with 4:29 to play. What followed was a sequence that went Raptors turnover, Dwight Howard hook shot, missed Toronto long jumper resulting in a Jason Richardson fast-break dunk the other way and the Magic lead was back up to nine with three minutes to play.

According to Casey, that’s simply hard won wisdom there’s no way of bypassing on the way to becoming a consistent winner.

“The experience factor you can’t rush it, you can’t teach it, you can’t give it to them,” said Casey. “I see fight every night. There are periods where I have to get on them and push them like every other game, but I see guys caring, I see passion and I don’t see give in.”

So now it’s on to the final game of this four-game homestand on Wednesday against the Rockets, where the Raptors get a prime opportunity to show some of that growth against a team that exploited similar errors in execution a week ago in Houson. Until then here’s a special “Top 15″ edition of #RTZ Tweets from yesterday’s game:

Top #RTZ Tweets — Raptors vs. Magic

@JustinCNSThe Magic have destroyed the @raptors from the 3 pt line. Raptors need to defend the 3 point line tight. Play Dwight straight up!! #RTZ

@Darkstar_Inc I think all #Raptors fans enjoyed watching Hedo lead that break and dish it out to the lady in the front row. #GoodRiddance #RTZ

@BarryMRubin  @DeMar_DeRozan is about to heat up like a @reddtagvacations trip #RTZ

@MegiMK Lethargic start to the 2nd quarter by the Raps resulting in a few turnovers too many. Time to clean it up. #rtz

@Steeebo  @raptors Defense has improved so much that I think the addition of Jonas valancianus next year alone could get them to the playoffs #rtz

@F22SavageSlayer They have given us their best shot and have tried to sustain an attack. It’s time to turn up the jet engines Status – Retaliation #Rtz

@MomoGFT Demar is playing an excellent game. aggressive penetration leading to easy buckets. #rtz

@TheSunsRay Kryptonite “@Raptors: #RTZ Question: What’s the best strategy to defend Dwight Howard? Straight up? Multiple defenders? Hack away?”

@Liston #Raptors Aaron Gray has more rebounds than Dwight Howard. This makes sense. #RTZ

@StevenMachado Wow, this game’s looking tighter than Dwight Howard’s jersey. #RTZ

@michaeItemple It doesn’t matter who they face. It could be the Heat and Bulls combined and the Raptors would still make it close. #RTZ

@KevinRashidi Hanging tough,just need to stay close to give ourselves a chance down the stretch! Credit to the bench for giving us a life. #RTZ

@Nabdi28 Guard the 3 , tighten up the d , and let demar do his thing and we might get some salami and cheese #RTZ

@Iminfantasyland  @RedTagVacations is known for last minute travel deals; the #Raptors are known for last minute heriocs Go #Raptors #RTZ

@SweezyBaby  @Raptors another tough loss but its gonna turn around we’re a hard working young team on the rise Dwane Casey is makin it happen #RTZ


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