Fashion Friday: Fashion Flashback





     There is nothing the Dance Pak and the fans love more than a funky throwback routine. The 90’s not only produced some of the greatest pop music but also were the beginning of many fun fashion trends that in my opinion should not be forgotten. On this Flashback Fashion Friday I want to remember and pay respects to the wonderful, wacky clothing choices of this decade and encourage the spirit of the 90’s to stay alive in our wardrobes this fall.

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No one stretched the fashion limits quite like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In honor of this fabulous character and his closet try the comfort of overalls. Dress them up for autumn with tights and layers and turn geek into chic.


















Clueless will always be one of the ultimate flashback inspirations for clothing enthusiasts. Between the classy plaid, hats, layered collars, skirt suits, and high socks, the school girl look is always a good idea and is perfect for fall. Check out RDP’s very own Steph looking striking in her rendition of this classic.



















Flashing back to a very happy time in my Dance Pak career, one of our trips to China! I had decided to add some 90’s favorites to my outfit I wore to the Great Wall (left). Never underestimate a fanny pack, they are useful, fun, and totally reminiscent of this playful decade just like my backwards snapback and high-waisted denim shorts. While exploring the historic Tiananmen Square I was channeling pop icon Gwen Stefani (right). The two Baby Spice buns are yet another way to add a funky flashback twist.

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