Yesterday was an exciting day for Dance Pak, our annual photo shoot! Amongst the thrill of it all I couldn’t help but be excited about the four pairs of amazing sneakers we were each given courtesy of Foot Locker, they hooked us up! The shoes, all Adidas and all super stylish in their own way had me reminded that a touch of funky athletic wear is a great way to vamp up an outfit.

Smell ya later,



All this sneaker fever got me thinking of Jeremy Scott. A designer known for his eccentric colour use and crazy collaborations he has done with Adidas. He brings a high fashion element to athletic everyday wear that I will always love and encourage.


I love all of my new sneaks but one pair was love at first sight. Foot Locker is clearly well aware of the steady growing trend of sneaker wedges and gave us a wicked pair. Bright red. Adidas, and the perfect heel these shoes might just make Dance Pak history.


Here is the line up of the infamous sneakers for the upcoming season. Another HUGE thanks to Foot Locker for keeping our shoe game tight.

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