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I’d have to say that the infamous toque is my all time favourite winter accessory and a necessity during this frigid weather.  Anyone who knows me knows that I take full advantage of beanie season and my collection is forever growing. A toque instantly and effectively solves any hair problem and in my opinion can be worked into any outfit. Fashionable, functional, and available in all varieties, what’s not to love about this Canadian favourite?



Just a few pieces of my toque collection, mixing it up with different colours, pom poms and graphics.

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Dani, Leah, and Mariah are keeping warm, looking cute and reppin’ our beloved Raptors and Marlies all at once!

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Cara Delevingne is most certainly the queen of the beanie. Her super laidback style causes her to almost always be seen rockin’ a great toque.

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