How Often Does Dance Pak Rehearse? – From Steph

Raptors Fans!

stephWe’re back! The New Year certainly crept up, but ’14 is upon us! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and has been keeping up with the magic that has been happening on court. GO RAPTORS!

In honour of the New Year, the Raptors Dance Pak is answering some of your questions! One of the most frequent questions we are asked is – “How Often Does The Dance Pak Rehearse?” This is a great one.

The short answer is that rehearsals are held 2-3 times a week, and are roughly two hours each. Typically, all of us meet an hour before scheduled rehearsal to review counts and smooth out intricacies of choreography in order to make our time with Coach Amberley as productive as possible. Once in session, rehearsal begins with a conditioning warm up and stretch led by our Captain Nina. Special attention is paid to neck stretches and rolls given that our choreography is peppered with the Dance Pak signature hair whips! When we’re warm and ready, we review routines and focus on learning new material.

As those with dance training and dance experience know, rehearsing doesn’t ever really stop once we leave the studio. Dancers are always taking class and refining dance technique. We are listening to our music on the subway, going over dance sequences in our living rooms, taking classes in the city. One of the most wonderful things about being on the Dance Pak is the opportunity to perform in front of an amazing audience who looks forward to seeing what we’ve been working on.

 So, thank you from all of us! Here’s to the New Year!

 If you have questions you’d like to ask- tag them in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer some more!


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