Three Tricks to Beat the Cold from Mariah S

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Mariah S

Alright Mother Nature,  you’ve decided the cold was to come early, good thing we’re Canadian haha! We all know once the holidays arrive, everyone is suddenly so much happier. No really, you could’ve forgot to record your favourite show, or break your phone & and look as content as a cabbage patch kid. What will you catch the Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak doing?

1.) Winter sports/activities! SO basically wearing our exclusive Canada Goose Raptors jackets everywhere….literally everywhere! 


2.) Working out at Goodlife Fitness! Thanks to Foot Locker for hooking us up on the perfect shoes!


3.) Wearing Christmas sweaters, drinking hot apple cider and watching holiday movies!!

Alrighty! To my fellow and non-fellow winter babies, I’ve told you what the team is up to, let us know what you are to! In fact, ask us anything you would like answered or what behind the scenes footage you like so we know what YOU like to!..After all,  Raptor fans are the best! Tweet us anytime @RaptorsDancePak or shoot us a Facebook message:

Your girl Mariah S.

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