Fashion Friday!

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Halloween is less than a week away, a great excuse to add some fun, freaky accessories to your everyday outfits in anticipation for the big day. Besides skulls eyeballs are one of my favorite things to incorporate in my style choices this time of year. They can be found in jewelry, on clothing and a common symbol in the fashion world. Getting creative I discovered that googly eyes are a cheap and quirky way to add that Halloween flare to anything. Get a bag of googlies and a glue gun and see where it takes you!

See you later,  Kalina

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A lot of designers like to play with eye graphics. In the most recent Paris fashion week Kenzo featured many eye inspired pieces (above). Even the infamous Christian Louboutin has had fun with the use of googly eyes on one of his masterpieces. For an accessory I added a cool eyeball pendant to a charm necklace.

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Here are some crafty ideas using googly eyes. I covered an old phone case and a white decorative pumpkin. Adding them to nails and headphones is also a spooky way to accessorize.

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Need a last minute costume idea? Model Emily Ratajkowski makes an amazing Frida Kahlo (left) and the lovely Miranda Kerr is an adorable ringleader (right).

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