Mariah Gets ‘The Call’

As my ringtone played, answering my phone following my interview with the head coordinator of the Raptors Dance Pak, was the make it or break it moment I had been anticipating.

Once “Congratulations, you have made the Raptors Dance Pak” was said,  the jumping up and down in the middle of the grocery store (yeah…pretty spunky!) began. I knew the hard work and HUNGER for the spot would pay off.

How did this all go down? Well…let’s rewind far back, shall we?

So basically it all started when I was eight years old learning and watching Bring It On religiously. I mean, it was only a matter of time before my mother enlisted me in dance, I had learned every routine and the essence of sass by this point!

Eventually I was lucky enough to attend a Raptors game (GO RAPTORS!) at the age of 15 and couldn’t take my eyes off the dancers. They really get the crowd going and had me urging to join them! I finally decided that once I was 18 nothing would stop me from auditioning! I couldn’t resist the cute outfits, the smiles, and the overall crowd pleasers that these girls were! Yup, my mind was made up.

Let’s fast forward to July 14th 2012, ya? That Saturday morning my alarm clock — actually its 2012, no one has an alarm clock — my phone blasted “Marry The Night” by Lady Gaga and at 7:00 am I was up! I had snacks for days (literally), a big breakfast, a great fruit smoothie and a smile to get the happiness going!

Arriving at the ACC girls filled the hallways, stretching, exercising & in the zone moving to the music playing in their headphones. Eventually we all got our numbers and awaited our turn to go into the gym where our 2012 captain Ashley would teach us some sassy, hair whipping choreography! The turnout was incredible, over 180 girls danced their hearts out for a spot on the team and after an almost seven-hour long audition, the remaining girls would attend an interview two days later!

(We can fast forward to the phone call now, whew!)

Hearing that I landed a spot on the team was the most fulfilling and rewarding feeling one could experience! All that hard work, watching past Raptors Dance Pak YouTube videos, following their blogs & tweets made it feel that much more real!

So for those reading this, the new 2012 Raptors Dance Pak team is ready for the season! Filled with enthusiasm and excitement we are ready for the world, hair whipping, snaps and winks all to cheer for our team! GO RAPTORS!

Just a reminder nine girls are competing for the last spot on the Dance Pak! Vote for a chance to WIN amazing prizes & help your favourite make it!

Until next time Raptor Fans! *snaps*

Your girl, Mariah!

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