Ask the Fans!

What a game last night. Raptors for the win! Steph and Nina were walking around the concourse before the game started last night and asked a couple of fans different questions about the game. Take a look!

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RDP: InsTANt Attraction

We love our sponsor Sindy Sun from InsTANt Attraction. Check out what happened when Mahta went for a visit to Sindy’s, along with Lindsay and Nina, to get some awesome colour!

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Checking in with the Dance Pak…

1358176-130924-MLSE-DP_29C5011Hey everyone, its Captain Nina here!

What a season it has been so far! It is my third year being part of the Raptors Dance Pak and every year brings something new and exciting. We are now more than half way through the season and it has definitely been busy! We have been working hard as a dance team learning new routines, choreographed by our awesome coach Amberley, to keep the fans entertained. We have had so much fun hitting the court with a wide variety of performances including celebrity tributes, old school routines, and even busting some moves with Stripes! A lot has been going on within the Dance Pak including Kalina representing the Toronto Raptors on the NBA All Star Dance Team. She killed it out there in New Orleans and we are so proud of her. With all the colourful personalities on the Dance Pak we have nothing but fun together and have really become a RDP family. The Toronto Raptors continue to play hard this season with great success! The fan energy during games at the ACC has been off the scale supporting such a great basketball team.

The Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak is ready for the remainder of the season Raptors fans! Much more is coming your way!! I want to give a huge shout out to our sponsors for continuing to keep us looking fresh. Thank you to our amazing makeup artists, Aveda Academy, Foot Locker, Goodlife Fitness and InsTANt Attraction. Make sure to keep checking out the blog for updates and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


Thanks Raptors fans!


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RDP Recipe of he Week: Applesauce & Banana Muffins

By: Mahta

Hey everyone! Quick Wednesday recipe to share with you all…

image 4

Mix all these ingredients together, bake at 325 degrees for 12 minutes. Adding dried cranberries to this mix would be a nice touch!

image 5


Had a great win last night against the Wizards! Today we’re up against Chicago, go Raptors go!!!

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Getting to Know the Dance Pak – Part 2!

It’s part 2 of getting to know the dance pak from our wonderful rookie Amen! Take a look at what the other 10 ladies on the team had to say about each other.

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Catching up on Dance Pak Birthdays

We had a few birthdays to celebrate during the month of January. Take a look at what the vets came up with to prank Dani, Morgan, and Mariah S!

And good luck to the Raptors tonight when they take on the Jazz in Salt Lake City!!

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Fashion Friday

fashion logo

Every season the girls and I always look forward to Canadian forces night at the ACC. We love wearing our annual camo dresses in honour of our veterans, and matching the special edition jerseys also worn by the team. Camo is a fabulous, urban print that I always love to have in my closet and any excuse to wear it on or off the court makes me happy!



Nina and I sporting our custom Dance Pak camo dress and vintage, authentic military hat.


A print not usually found on scarves, I could not resist this camo one by Obey. Quickly adds a splash of earth tones to any look. Camo is also great for playing with textures and variations of the pattern such as this Obey thermal.


Nothing accentuates camo like a great jacket. This amazing coat worn by the camo queen herself is a great statement piece and celebration of the print. Rihanna always knows how to rock it, whether it’s a hint of camo or a massive bubble coat.

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Getting to Know the Dance Pak – Part 1

What a game last night! Raptors take home the win against Orlando!

Rookie dance pak member Amen, came up with a great idea so you guys can get to know the dance pak a little bit better. Check out what what we had to say, here is Part 1!

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By: Mahta 

Great win Monday night against the Nets! Today we’re up against Orlando, we’re looking forward to another packed house with great fans!

Quick recipe to share with y’all! No bake, super easy to make protein bars!


image 2

image 3

After you mix all the ingredients, throw them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Cut them how you like! I topped mine with dark chocolate and slivered almonds. Yum!

Thanks for reading our blog!

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Fan Night!

Fan Night was a stand out game! We had so much fun performing a tribute routine and a half time performance!

What a great night, lets go RAPTORS!

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