RDP Recipe of the Week: Wrap-tors Game Day!

mahta2Hey Raptors fans, Mahta here!

I’m back with another healthy meal post, a veggie wrap. Feel free to add other combinations, here’s what I wrapped up…


I seasoned my avocado with lemon juice, salt & pepper for more flavour.


This is light, filling, healthy and easy to make! If you have any healthy recipe ideas, tag them in the comments, we would love to hear them!

Thanks for checking out the blog!  Raptors vs. Detroit tonight at home!!!



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New Years Day Win!

What a game last night! Raptors for the win!! Since the New Year just began, we thought we would share with you our New Years Resolutions! Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Yam Banana Shake

mahta2Happy New Year Raptors fans!

Hope everyone has been having a great holiday season.
Start off your new year making healthier choices! I chose to do a quick Yam/Banana shake today, it’s delicious & easy ! …
jan 1

…makes for a nice snack too! Enjoy!

We had another great win last night against the Bulls! And tonight we face the Indiana Pacers at home! See you at the ACC & Go Raptors!!!


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Dance Pak Bloopers

Hey Raptors fans and happy New Years Eve!1358176-130924-MLSE-DP_29C5011

As captain of the Dance Pak, I always get to capture awesome video footage of the girls and keep you guys updated on whats going on. We always have fun together and make each other laugh all the time. To help ring in the New Year I thought I would share a couple blooper videos that I have collected so far this season. Check it out!




YouTube Preview Image

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How Often Does Dance Pak Rehearse? – From Steph

Raptors Fans!

stephWe’re back! The New Year certainly crept up, but ’14 is upon us! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday and has been keeping up with the magic that has been happening on court. GO RAPTORS!

In honour of the New Year, the Raptors Dance Pak is answering some of your questions! One of the most frequent questions we are asked is – “How Often Does The Dance Pak Rehearse?” This is a great one.

The short answer is that rehearsals are held 2-3 times a week, and are roughly two hours each. Typically, all of us meet an hour before scheduled rehearsal to review counts and smooth out intricacies of choreography in order to make our time with Coach Amberley as productive as possible. Once in session, rehearsal begins with a conditioning warm up and stretch led by our Captain Nina. Special attention is paid to neck stretches and rolls given that our choreography is peppered with the Dance Pak signature hair whips! When we’re warm and ready, we review routines and focus on learning new material.

As those with dance training and dance experience know, rehearsing doesn’t ever really stop once we leave the studio. Dancers are always taking class and refining dance technique. We are listening to our music on the subway, going over dance sequences in our living rooms, taking classes in the city. One of the most wonderful things about being on the Dance Pak is the opportunity to perform in front of an amazing audience who looks forward to seeing what we’ve been working on.

 So, thank you from all of us! Here’s to the New Year!

 If you have questions you’d like to ask- tag them in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer some more!


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Raptors Dance Pak Holiday Playlist



Hey Raptors Fans! Can you believe another holiday season is here already?! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Put up your tree? Been ice skating?
We were definitely prepared for our Christmas game last Wednesday by listening to some of our favourite Christmas jams. Who can resist the classics? Check out our Holiday playlist! 


Amberley: “Driving Home for Christmas” – Chris Rea

Cristina: “Where are you Christmas?”

Kalina: “Carol of the Bells”

Lindsay: “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

Mariah S. : “Santa Bring my Baby Back to me” – Elvis

Amber: “Christmas Shoes”

Leah: “The Charlie Brown Christmas Song”

Jamie: “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” -Gayla Peevey

Holly H. : “Santa Baby”

Nina: “The Christmas Song” – Nat King Cole

Aryana: “The Christmas Waltz” Frank Sinatra

Christelle: “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

Nicole: “Winter Wonderland”

Amen: “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – cast of Glee

Dani: “Deck the Halls”

Janaye: “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”

Mahta: “Silver Bells”

Stephanie: “Let it snow”

Morgan: “Jingle Bells”

Mariah A: “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

Holly N: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

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Three Tricks to Beat the Cold from Mariah S

1358176-130924-MLSE-DP_29C5019 (1)1

Mariah S

Alright Mother Nature,  you’ve decided the cold was to come early, good thing we’re Canadian haha! We all know once the holidays arrive, everyone is suddenly so much happier. No really, you could’ve forgot to record your favourite show, or break your phone & and look as content as a cabbage patch kid. What will you catch the Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak doing?

1.) Winter sports/activities! SO basically wearing our exclusive Canada Goose Raptors jackets everywhere….literally everywhere! 


2.) Working out at Goodlife Fitness! Thanks to Foot Locker for hooking us up on the perfect shoes!


3.) Wearing Christmas sweaters, drinking hot apple cider and watching holiday movies!!

Alrighty! To my fellow and non-fellow winter babies, I’ve told you what the team is up to, let us know what you are to! In fact, ask us anything you would like answered or what behind the scenes footage you like so we know what YOU like to!..After all,  Raptor fans are the best! Tweet us anytime @RaptorsDancePak or shoot us a Facebook message: Facebook.com/TorontoRaptorsDancePak

Your girl Mariah S.

image (1)

image (13)

008 (4)

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Holiday Game

Check out some pictures and a behind the scenes look from last nights holiday game!

YouTube Preview Image


Another thank you to Clayton Hansler for capturing these awesome pictures!








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Rehearsal – Holiday edition!

Check out what happened in rehearsal last night! We are definitely feeling the holiday spirit!

YouTube Preview Image

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Rihanna Mix!

Hey everybody!

Last night we hit the court with another tribute routine. Janaye nailed it as our very own red-hot Rihanna! And what better way to finish off the game with a big WIN!! Raptors beat the 76ers 108-100 for a home victory! The ACC was full of support and energy, thanks Raptors fans!!



Rihanna Mix !

Here are some more pictures from last night! A huge thank you to Clayton Hansler for capturing these great shots of Janaye as Rihanna!



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