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Labour day is long gone but my love for a great white outfit is most definitely not. White will always be one of my favourite colours to wear, even during this time of year. Winter whites are clean, crisp and look great up against the beautiful winter weather. Whether your entire look or just pieces of your outfit are white, you will look bright, fresh and winter ready.

Let it snow,



White boots are a perfect way to add a funky edge to a wintery outfit. The majority of boot options are usually dark coloured making these white combat boots my new favourite. Lucky for me Doc Martens come in a variety of colours, even white!


Even a white dress can be winter appropriate. Designer Balmain, known for their use of structure and texture, has an amazing white dress in their Spring 2014 collection. Because of its thickness, this white dress is perfect for the holidays. Seen on the runway (left) and on star Blake Lively (right).


RDP vet Stephanie always looks fashionable, especially in this adorable white pea coat, which she found at a local thrift shop (left). Another great jacket option is the trench style. Guess has a super feminine, wintery white trench this season that I love (right).

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Energy Balls

Hey Raptors fans!

I’m back again with another healthy recipe that will take you less than 30 minutes to put together!  The main ingredients are walnuts, which are high in omega-3 fatty acid content, paired with fiber rich dates!


image (1)11

These are perfect for snacking! Feel free to use any other combination of dried fruit and nuts that you like. Enjoy!

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Kalina’s Fashion Tip: Sassy Saturday

It can be difficult to look and feel fabulous underneath all of our winter layers. A great way to be warm and chic is the infamous turtleneck. Sleek and sophisticated, they can add to an already amazing outfit or stand out on their own. With so many varieties and ways to wear them they have to be one of my favorite cold-weather staples.

Get your turtle on,



American Apparel is known for their simplicity and they have mastered the art of the turtleneck. My beautiful friend Haley is modeling a perfect black turtleneck dress that is both warm and incredibly elegant. American Apparel has about every single variation of turtleneck in every colour imaginable, go crazy!!


Even designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo are featuring this classic in their fall/winter campaign. In both dark and light shades turtlenecks are always timeless and flattering.


Although out of season, cropped, sleeveless turtlenecks are also a great way to keep this trend going all year round. I can always count on RDP vet Mariah to rock a fabulous cropped turtleneck and look amazing doing it!

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Easy Oatmeal Pancakes

Hey Raptors fans!

Here is a quick and easy oatmeal pancake recipe! They’re healthy and taste great!

image (3)

image (5)

image (4)

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Sunday Funday Game!

We had a blast performing on court with Stripes for the very first time! Check out a behind the scenes look at what happened during the game on Sunday, Raps vs. Denver.

YouTube Preview Image

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Katy Perry Routine

Hey Raptors fans, Nina here!

We love performing tribute routines of famous celebrities together on court. Last night at the game we performed our first tribute routine this season to a Katy Perry mix. Steph rocked it as Katy Perry, and the rest of us had so much fun dancing along side her as power team. We felt like we were performing with the real Katy! Here is a picture of us just before we hit the court!


Steph as our very own Katy Perry!

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Fashion Friday

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Thanks to our amazing sponsor Foot Locker I have been recently inspired to rock the iconic vertical stripes they are known for. The simple black and white pattern is fun and effective and can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Slimming and bold, referee stripes can be paired with any colour or make for a fabulous monochromatic look. Stripes, the new member of the Raptors mascot family, and I agree this classic pattern will never go out of style.

Get your stripe on,


photo 1

Even our new dresses have that Foot Locker flare with added stripes on the sides. Christelle, Dani, Holly and Mahta show off our fun new look. Thank you Foot Locker!!!

photo 2

I was surprised to find a lot of cool striped pieces in my closet. From jackets to jeans, I am definitely into the whole Beetlejuice thing.

photo 3

Designers like Marc Jacobs have also played with the referee look on the runway. Using both thin and thick stripes, this look can also be dressed up and feminine.

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RDP Tip of the Week: Food Prep Game


mahta2Hey everyone! 

Instead of a recipe this week, I thought I’d change things up.  An issue that I have when it comes to eating healthy consistently, is having the food ready to go for me! Whenever I buy a bunch of produce, I end up sticking my vegetables at the back of my fridge…and a lot of it ends up going bad! This week I tried something different. I prepped everything before hand, and it was a simple way to use all my groceries and eat clean on the go! It becomes a little difficult with busy lives to make healthy choices, but by pre-chopping vegetables, meal planning and having healthy snacks handy, you’re halfway there! Try it on the weekend if you have an hour or two to spare, it’s worth it! 

That is all, thanks for reading!  -Mahta

Image (2)

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The Birthday Pranks Continue…

There was another birthday in the Dance Pak family! It was Nicole’s turn to be pranked…

YouTube Preview Image

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Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak Blurred Lines Parody featuring The Raptor

During our photo shoot for this season we decided to have a little fun and put together a little parody video to introduce the new team. Here it is… Everybody get up!!
YouTube Preview Image

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