Fashion Friday

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I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I know I saw some wonderful and brilliant costumes during my travels around the city. Dance Pak has always loved this holiday. This year the girls and I celebrated after our victorious Home Opener by honoring Dance Pak tradition and coming up with a group costume idea. Then last night, we debuted costume number two at an event put on by our lovely coach. Take a look at the Dance Pak edition of one of my favorite holidays.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos,


photo 11

It has always been Dance Pak tradition to come up with a creative group costume idea. This year we decided to be the menacing little creatures known as minions from the movie Despicable Me. It only seemed fitting for our coach Amberley to dress as our leader Gru.

photo 2 (2)

Last night many of us could be found at Porcelain Cabaret Chic, an event put on by the talented Amberley. From peacocks to toy soldiers the ladies that came out looked fabulous and festive.

photo 3 (2)

It is always fun to follow celebrity costumes. One of my favourites this year was hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea. Known for her already luscious white locks she transformed into an incredible Cruella De Vil. She had everything from the Dalmatian to the car and I loved her vintage, high fashion take on the character.

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Home Opener

If you couldn’t make the Raptors home opener last night, here are some highlights from the game!

YouTube Preview Image

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Home Opener is Tomorrow!

Home Opener is right around the corner! We have been working hard in the studio and can’t wait to get on court tomorrow for the Raps vs. Celtics game. Check out what happened during our rehearsal last night!

YouTube Preview Image

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Fashion Friday!

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Halloween is less than a week away, a great excuse to add some fun, freaky accessories to your everyday outfits in anticipation for the big day. Besides skulls eyeballs are one of my favorite things to incorporate in my style choices this time of year. They can be found in jewelry, on clothing and a common symbol in the fashion world. Getting creative I discovered that googly eyes are a cheap and quirky way to add that Halloween flare to anything. Get a bag of googlies and a glue gun and see where it takes you!

See you later,  Kalina

photo 1

A lot of designers like to play with eye graphics. In the most recent Paris fashion week Kenzo featured many eye inspired pieces (above). Even the infamous Christian Louboutin has had fun with the use of googly eyes on one of his masterpieces. For an accessory I added a cool eyeball pendant to a charm necklace.

photo 2

Here are some crafty ideas using googly eyes. I covered an old phone case and a white decorative pumpkin. Adding them to nails and headphones is also a spooky way to accessorize.

Photo 3

Need a last minute costume idea? Model Emily Ratajkowski makes an amazing Frida Kahlo (left) and the lovely Miranda Kerr is an adorable ringleader (right).

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Yamburgers

By: Mahta 

Burgers can be healthy too! Here’s a great alternative for those craving a burger.



Mash all these ingredients in a bowl! Feel free to substitute brown rice for quinoa.


Shape the mix into patties and lightly grease a cookie sheet. Bake at 400F for about 25-30 minutes. 


I used thin multigrain buns for this recipe. Simple, healthy and delicious…you won’t be disappointed!

It’s game day! GO RAPTORS!!! 

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More Birthday Pranks!

We were finally able to prank Amen and Amber. Check out what happened when we did a double birthday prank!

YouTube Preview Image

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Fashion Friday

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With preseason games under way the other girls and I are beginning to spend a lot of time at the Air Canada Centre. Always searching for style inspiration I had to talk to our in-arena host Kat. During my time on the Dance Pak it has been impossible not to notice and love her amazing and progressive outfits. While chatting, Kat described her camera-ready style as “tomboy chic”. She always finds a way to add a funky edge to her feminine look and I think that is a great way to play with everyday outfits.

Thanks Kat!

- Kalina


One of the many fabulous outfits I have seen on Kat. Not only can she rock a graphic tee and make it look classy she always manages to incorporate that splash of red, GO RAPTORS!


It occurred to me that Rihanna’s style is very much tomboy chic. She always exhibits androgynous style choices and is a great fashion icon for this look.


Nothing accentuates this boy-girl style like a feminine pantsuit. Cara Delevigne proves that even a tomboy look can be dressed up and fabulous.

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Breakfast in a Cookie

By: Mahta

The most important meal of the day…breakfast. I’ve tried so hard to love oatmeal, but no luck until these cookies came along. This recipe is so simple! I made two different batches, mix ingredients in a bowl and cook at 350F for 15 minutes.

First batch:

  • 1 cup uncooked quick oats
  • 2 bananas
  • 1/4 cup of chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup shredded coconut

first image

Second batch:

  • 1 egg
  • chia seeds & flax seeds
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 cup uncooked quick oats
  • raisins and dates
  • silvered almonds
  • 2 tbsp almond milk

My breakfast was complete with raspberries, blackberries, Greek yogurt and a glass of almond milk.

second image

Most of the ingredients are interchangeable…cranberries would be great too! These cookies are addicting! Enjoy!

See you at the ACC tonight and GO RAPTORS!!!

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Intrasquad Game at Casino Rama !

We hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! We spent our Thanksgiving Monday at Casino Rama for a Raptors Intrasquad Game. We had an awesome time! Check out a quick video so see how the day went!

YouTube Preview Image

image (2)

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Game Day Fashion Friday: Red Lips

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Red lipstick plays a very important role in the world of Dance Pak and the rest of my life! With the season starting up again I am excited to rock the red more often both on and off the court. Nothing is more powerful and feminine than a great red lip. Adding an intense pop of colour with a lipstick, especially red, is a quick way to add a glamorous element to any outfit…and goes great with your favorite Raptors apparel!   Muah x

 By: Kalina  :)


From Marilyn to super models red lipstick is timeless and striking. Whether your red lips match your outfit or are completely random they are always effective and will immediately make you feel fabulous.


There are so many shades of red to play with when it comes to lip colour, try matching it to your skin tone.


Our amazing make-up artists decided to give us a very classic and glamorous look by pairing a bright red matte lip with a thick liner. Check out Steph and I showing off our new make-up look for the season.

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