Fashion Friday: Country Chic

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With the cold weather and the holidays upon us, some of my favourite cozy and festive style trends are beginning to emerge. Something about this time of year makes me want to dress as though I am on some fabulous country getaway. The opportunity to play with layers, knits and outerwear can really transform an outfit. Embrace the spirit of the season with country chic inspired pieces and patterns, you will look both warm and wonderful.

Cause baby it’s cold outside,



Year after year Ralph Lauren has always captured that classic, rural style. This season the collection is looking cozier than ever with beautiful knits and festive patterns. Comfortably classy!


Ponchos are also a great way to stay bundled and fabulous at the same time and are very prominent in the fashion world right now. Naturally Ralph Lauren has created both a casual, rustic one (left) and a more elegant and festive one (centre). I had the amazing opportunity to walk in a fashion show wearing a custom piece by designer/ my best friend Mario Fugnitto and it was a beautiful poncho (right). With a vintage and feminine feel it is a perfect blend of high fashion and ready to wear.


Before rehearsal, I caught Amen and Mariah rocking their favorite eclectic and festive patterns and sweaters. They looked adorable, comfortable and perfectly festive.

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Carrot, apple, zucchini..MUFFINS.

By: Mahta 

Hey everyone!
This recipe is so good, super simple and healthy too!

image (1)

Mix the above ingredients in a bowl, I also added a bit of honey to mine. Walnuts and raisins would be a nice addition too! Bake at 350F for 30 minutes!

image (2)

Enjoy Raptors fans!

And tune in tonight… We’re playing the Grizzlies in Memphis! Go Raptors!!! 

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Pranking Holly…

This week the dance pak prepared a special birthday prank for Holly H…and it was a success!! Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

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Playlist of the Week

By: Stephanie 

Hey Raptors Fans!

We polled the Raptors Dance Pak to find out what was playing on their ipods this week! With a hectic game schedule coming up, you can bet that these dancers are warming up, cooling down, and dancing to their favourite jams. Check ‘em out!



Aryana:  Pistol Annies – I Feel a Sin Comin’ On 

Amber:  Robert Delong – Global Concepts

Janaye:  Roar – Katy Perry 

Morgan:  All of Me – Drake 

Leah:  Berzerk – Eminem 

Kalina:   It – Rich Aucoin

Mariah S:  Beast of Burden – Rolling Stones 

Dani:  Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill 

Nina:  Cherub Rock – Smashing Pumpkins 

Stephanie:  Where Did You Sleep Last Night – Lead Belly 

Nicole:  Holy Grail – Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake 

Holly H:  Salt n’ Pepa – Shoop 

Amen:  Royals – Lorde

Jamie:  We Made You – Eminem 

Mariah A:  Power Trip – J.Cole 

Cristina:  Surrender – Angels and Airwaves 

Lindsay:  The Monster – Eminem and Rihanna 

Mahta:  From Time – Drake

Christelle:  Loved Me Back to Life – Celine Dion

Holly N:  All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Chips and Dip

By: Mahta 

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another easy recipe! 


After these 3 ingredients have baked, throw them all in a food processor. Also add in 3 garlic cloves, salt and pepper, a spoon of tomato paste and some fresh basil! That’s all for the dip! 

What’s a healthier alternative to potato chips? Baked tofu chips! All you have to do is slice tofu in very thin pieces, layer the slices on a cookie sheet, and bake at 350F for about 30 minutes. They might need to stay in the oven longer; it all depends on how crispy you’d like them! I decided to season mine with lemon pepper, but almost anything will work! 

Image (1)

That’s it for today, enjoy!

It’s game day on the road against the Bobcats! Go Raptors!!! 

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More from the Photo Shoot

Hey everybody, Nina here!

The season has officially started which means we were able to debut and show off our fantastic new costumes! It’s a fresh look for a new season and the Dance Pak are definitely loving the outfit additions along with the amazing shoes provided by Foot Locker. Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you from our photo shoot sporting the new look. And another special shout out to Aveda Academy, Instant Attraction, and our makeup artists, Jasmine, Shaby, and Lucky for making us look photo shoot ready. Check it out, and see all you Raptors Fans at the game tonight!!


Christelle, Dani, Holly N, and Mahta.






The girls enjoying a break at the shoot.


Mariah A, and Morgan




Lindsay, Mariah S, Janaye, and Cristina.

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Fashion Friday

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I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I know I saw some wonderful and brilliant costumes during my travels around the city. Dance Pak has always loved this holiday. This year the girls and I celebrated after our victorious Home Opener by honoring Dance Pak tradition and coming up with a group costume idea. Then last night, we debuted costume number two at an event put on by our lovely coach. Take a look at the Dance Pak edition of one of my favorite holidays.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos,


photo 11

It has always been Dance Pak tradition to come up with a creative group costume idea. This year we decided to be the menacing little creatures known as minions from the movie Despicable Me. It only seemed fitting for our coach Amberley to dress as our leader Gru.

photo 2 (2)

Last night many of us could be found at Porcelain Cabaret Chic, an event put on by the talented Amberley. From peacocks to toy soldiers the ladies that came out looked fabulous and festive.

photo 3 (2)

It is always fun to follow celebrity costumes. One of my favourites this year was hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea. Known for her already luscious white locks she transformed into an incredible Cruella De Vil. She had everything from the Dalmatian to the car and I loved her vintage, high fashion take on the character.

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Home Opener

If you couldn’t make the Raptors home opener last night, here are some highlights from the game!

YouTube Preview Image

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Home Opener is Tomorrow!

Home Opener is right around the corner! We have been working hard in the studio and can’t wait to get on court tomorrow for the Raps vs. Celtics game. Check out what happened during our rehearsal last night!

YouTube Preview Image

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Fashion Friday!

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Halloween is less than a week away, a great excuse to add some fun, freaky accessories to your everyday outfits in anticipation for the big day. Besides skulls eyeballs are one of my favorite things to incorporate in my style choices this time of year. They can be found in jewelry, on clothing and a common symbol in the fashion world. Getting creative I discovered that googly eyes are a cheap and quirky way to add that Halloween flare to anything. Get a bag of googlies and a glue gun and see where it takes you!

See you later,  Kalina

photo 1

A lot of designers like to play with eye graphics. In the most recent Paris fashion week Kenzo featured many eye inspired pieces (above). Even the infamous Christian Louboutin has had fun with the use of googly eyes on one of his masterpieces. For an accessory I added a cool eyeball pendant to a charm necklace.

photo 2

Here are some crafty ideas using googly eyes. I covered an old phone case and a white decorative pumpkin. Adding them to nails and headphones is also a spooky way to accessorize.

Photo 3

Need a last minute costume idea? Model Emily Ratajkowski makes an amazing Frida Kahlo (left) and the lovely Miranda Kerr is an adorable ringleader (right).

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