RDP Recipe of the Week: Love for Quinoa & Carrots

By: Mahta 

The Ingredients: Quinoa, carrots, cucumber, tomato, cilantro, apple, cranberries, crushed peanuts lightly dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

For every one cup of quinoa, double up the water and boil.  Quinoa is so quick to make, add fruits/veggies and it becomes a great snack on the go.

I decided to step up my beta carotene game this week and use my juicer that I’ve been neglecting for a little while. Two things: carrots and apples, my favourite combo. Clear skin and rosy cheeks please…Footlocker Raptors Dance Pak photoshoot tomorrow!

Until next time Raptor fans!




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Special Delivery!

By: Nina and Kalina

Yesterday we surprised three lucky season seat holders with a Purolator Package containing their tickets and other Raptors goodies. With the help of Quincy Acy, Terrence Ross, and the always silly Raptor, we successfully managed to surprise them and spread the Raptors spirit. This appearance added to our already growing excitement to get back on the court!





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Fashion Friday: Fashion Flashback





     There is nothing the Dance Pak and the fans love more than a funky throwback routine. The 90’s not only produced some of the greatest pop music but also were the beginning of many fun fashion trends that in my opinion should not be forgotten. On this Flashback Fashion Friday I want to remember and pay respects to the wonderful, wacky clothing choices of this decade and encourage the spirit of the 90’s to stay alive in our wardrobes this fall.

 Stay fresh,



No one stretched the fashion limits quite like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In honor of this fabulous character and his closet try the comfort of overalls. Dress them up for autumn with tights and layers and turn geek into chic.


















Clueless will always be one of the ultimate flashback inspirations for clothing enthusiasts. Between the classy plaid, hats, layered collars, skirt suits, and high socks, the school girl look is always a good idea and is perfect for fall. Check out RDP’s very own Steph looking striking in her rendition of this classic.



















Flashing back to a very happy time in my Dance Pak career, one of our trips to China! I had decided to add some 90’s favorites to my outfit I wore to the Great Wall (left). Never underestimate a fanny pack, they are useful, fun, and totally reminiscent of this playful decade just like my backwards snapback and high-waisted denim shorts. While exploring the historic Tiananmen Square I was channeling pop icon Gwen Stefani (right). The two Baby Spice buns are yet another way to add a funky flashback twist.

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RDP Recipe of the Week: Lettuce Wraps

By: Mahta

Hey everyone!

Here’s another easy recipe that you can put together in minutes. Feel free to add other ingredients that I haven’t mentioned (as long as they are healthy)!


  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Farkay noodles (this gives the wrap that crunch)
  • Bean sprouts
  • Black beans
  • Peanuts
  • Cucumber, mango, tomato
  • Sweet chilli sauce mixed with a bit of light soy sauce and lemon juice


Dice up the cucumber, tomato and mango together, I sprinkled mine with chia seeds. You can also add other items such as mushrooms, bell peppers, quinoa, wild rice, tofu, shrimp, or chicken.

After you have all your ingredients, start wrapping away!



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Rehearsal: Ashley Joined Us to Help Out

Ashely, our captain from last season, came to help us train and practice last night in rehearsal! Check out a sneak peak at what happened. Thanks Ash!

YouTube Preview Image


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RDP Rehearsal: Practicing our Strut!

 This past week in rehearsal it was time for us to put on our classic white boots and practice our strut! It’s another step closer to game days, we are getting so excited!



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Fashion Friday With Kalina!


It is Friday the 13th, almost fall, and fashionably speaking the best time of year. Between fresh back-to-school looks and the buzz of fashion week, inspiration is everywhere. To mix things up, my preppy autumn looks took a gothic turn in honor of this superstitious day. Try adding a darker twist to this usually clean and innocent look. Some of my freaky Friday fall essentials are longplaid skirts paired with mesh long-sleeves and layers. Platform shoes and a studded backpack add a funky edge. Keep it classy with a dark feminine hat and a spritz of Gaga’s black fragrance, ‘Fame’.

Happy Friday the 13th,

- Kalina



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RDP Recipe of The Week: Simple Kale Salad

By: Mahta

Hey everyone, Mahta here!

I’m very excited to share with you all some healthy recipes this season! I’ll be focusing on clean eating and making meals/shakes that are quick and easy!


Today’s salad includes: organic kale, red pepper, cucumber, mango, pine nuts, chia seeds

Dressing: olive oil (not too much), light soy sauce, lemon juice, basil, garlic and pepper

Prawns: lightly sautéed in coconut oil, then dressed in lemon juice


And there you have it…a colourful salad to enjoy!

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Fashion Friday with Kalina

Every game thousands of fans see us in our official Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak outfits. These fabulous costumes of red, black, and white are what keep us looking like a team, but what do we wear off the court? When matching 19 other girls and red lips aren’t a requirement? Check the FLRDP blog weekly for interesting and fun fashion discoveries I have made and what the ladies of the Dance Pak are rockin’ these days.


Kalina (your friendly 3rd year vet and style junkie)

A lot of girls have that collection of tight mini dresses that are too boring to wear but too cute to throw out. Instead of letting them take up valuable closet space double their potential with a pair of scissors! Two-piece skirt sets are one of the cutest and most flattering things to hit the streets. Properly accenting the body, the cropped shirt and high-waisted pencil skirt combination give both a sexy and sophisticated look. Whether you cut an old printed dress in half or buy a great solid coloured set, two-pieces are versatile and fabulous!

I wore a custom two-piece made and        designed by my good friend Mario Fugnitto to the Dance Pak orientation meeting

I wore a custom two-piece made and designed by my good friend Mario Fugnitto to the Dance Pak orientation meeting.

I caught 2nd year vet Mariah sporting this gray set ☺

I caught 2nd year vet Mariah
sporting this gray set ☺

This former ‘Starry Night’ Blackmilk dress became an amazing casual outfit when I transformed it and added this jean shirt.

This former ‘Starry Night’ Blackmilk dress became an amazing casual outfit when I transformed it and added this jean shirt.


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Double Birthday Prank

It was Christelle’s birthday yesterday and we decided she was the perfect rookie to hit with a birthday prank (x 2). Nina and Kalina are double trouble!
YouTube Preview Image

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