Double Birthday Prank

It was Christelle’s birthday yesterday and we decided she was the perfect rookie to hit with a birthday prank (x 2). Nina and Kalina are double trouble!
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RDP Recipe Of The Week: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

By Stephanie

Up until last week, I had been Pinterest sober for roughly 2 months. Withdrawal was tough, but slowly I just sort of stopped wanting to make my cute, non-existent dog little jackets, and the desire to reupholster my shabby loveseat (by myself, like any good ‘Pinterester’ ….’Pinner?’) tapered off and disappeared.

In a moment of weakness, I logged back on to Pinterest but stumbled upon this recipe which sounded delicious. I typically eschew following recipes in general, but this was low-carb, cauliflower crust pizza! Lived up to the Pinterest hype and was excellent.

To make the crust, the recipe calls for:

  • Half a head of fresh cauliflower
  • 1 egg
  • a pinch of salt and pepper
  • Garlic power
  • oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese or mozzarella

I went a little overboard with the toppings but you get the idea.

Because I don’t have a adequate food processor, (my roommate let me use his magic bullet and I may or may not have burned out the motor…)  I grated the cauliflower by hand until I had roughly 2 CUPS. Pinterest told me it should have the consistency of snow, which it kind of did!

  • Put cauliflower into a microwave safe bowl and heat for roughly 7 to 8 min

  • Let the cauliflower cool, and strain in a cool cloth to adsorb any moisture. DON’T TRY AND STRAIN IT RIGHT OUT OF THE MICROWAVE! I burned the tips of every one of my fingers trying to save time, be a hero and do this right away.

  • Add the egg, cheese, garlic powder and the salt and pepper! I used chili flakes in mine.
  • Mix all together. It becomes dough-like with the egg

  • Flatten on a baking tray like regular pizza dough, keeping the crust thin

(It looked like someone ransacked my kitchen when I was finished.)

  • Add pizza sauce to the top of the crust

  • Get as creative as you want with the toppings!

  • I added mushrooms, artichoke hearts, black olives, tomatos, onions, beets, black forest ham and mozzarella. Lots of that.

  • Almost done: Place in oven: 425 degrees for twenty five minutes

  • It should look something like this…

(It serves about three to four people or you can do what I did and demolish it with a very hungry friend! Leftovers?)

  • Pinterest success! Enjoy!

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Holly Joins Rehearsals

You Pick The Pak winner Holly has joined the Foot Locker Dance Pak for rehearsals. Check out footage from her first day!

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Time For A Birthday Prank…

A new season means the return of birthday pranks. Happy Belated Birthday to Holly!


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First Week Of Rehearsals

The Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak are getting ready to start the 2013-14 season. Check out a recap of first week of rehearsals…

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A New Start…

Hey everybody! It’s Nina, captain of the 2013-2014 Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak here.

It’s time for the Raptors Dance Pak to get back into action! I cannot believe it will be my third season with this amazing team and I am itching to begin. After a long and exciting day of auditions on July 13th, the team was chosen from a group of 200 very talented girls.

Last week we had our first official meeting as the new dance pak and the room was full of excitement! Together we went over all the details of what to expect for the upcoming season. The girls are ready to pump up Raptors fans and most of all have fun.

I have learned so much from being part of this team and am excited to keep growing, while making some awesome memories along the way. The Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak is ready to get started.

See you on court and GO Raptors!

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First Meeting Of The NEW Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak

Here are a couple of pics from the first meeting of the 2013-14 Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak at ACC. We are so excited for the season to begin!



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2013-14 Raptors Dance Pak Auditions Tips

Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak coach Amberley Waddell and RDP members Nina and Mariah offer more details and tips on upcoming auditions for the 2013-14 season, which take place Saturday, July 13th!

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Dance Pak Auditions & Pre-Audition Workshop Info

2013/2014 Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak Auditions

Here’s your chance to join the most exciting and entertaining Dance Team in the NBA!!

DATE: Saturday July, 13th, 2013


LOCATION: Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay St, Toronto, ON. Enter through Gate 1





Female Dancers – 18 and older (must be 18 by the day of the audition). We strongly encourage ages 22-30 to come out and audition!

Dancers must have the ability to show an extreme level of enthusiasm, confidence, and poise.

Dancers must be physically fit and have strong athletic skills and endurance.

Dancers must be dedicated, professional, hard working and strong team players.

Minimum 2 years dance/performance experience in Hip Hop or Jazz.

Looking for 16-18 team members.

There is no minimum or maximum height requirement

You must also provide a resume and a current non-returnable 5×7 or 8×10 headshot.


Dancers will be taught a basic jazz routine combined with hip hop. All participants who advance will be asked to perform the routine in small groups. Music will be provided. A number of cuts will be made throughout the audition. The audition is closed, spectators will not be permitted.


An attractive two-piece dance outfit (Half top and fitted shorts. Any style and colour)

Mid-area, legs and arms must be exposed.

No baggy clothing or street wear. No pants, leggings, capris or cover ups.

Full performance make-up and styled hair. Hair must be down, no ponytails.

Participants may wear any kind of sneaker/dance shoe, please make sure they have non-marking soles.


Judges will focus on enthusiasm, energy, dance ability, personal appearance, personality, poise and showmanship.


Mandatory team rehearsals – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7:00-10:00pm; August through April (or until end of playoffs).

Mandatory team meeting

Pre-Season games – October

41+ Regular Season Home Games – November to April. Schedule is available in August

Public appearances and events

Pre-register by emailing your headshot and resume to


Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak Pre-Audition Workshop
(Registration Now Closed)

When: Friday June 28th, 2013

Location: Metro Movement

833 Broadview Ave, 2nd floor, Toronto, Ontario

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Attire: Dance clothes. Sneakers or jazz shoes are recommended.

What to bring: Water and snacks.

Cost: $25

This workshop is designed to prepare dancers for the upcoming 2013-14 Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak audition. It will take you through each round of the audition, from the across the floor combination, to the group and freestyle rounds. It will cover topics such as what the judges look for, choreography, hair, make-up, costuming, shoes and health/fitness.

You will have the opportunity to learn material similar to what will be taught at the audition, preparing hopefuls for the audition process this summer! Dancers will be able to ask questions and receive feedback.

Workshop includes:

  • Classes taught by the Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak choreographer Amberley Waddell.  Assisted by veteran Dance Pak Members
  • Mock audition and critiques
  • Tips on auditioning for a pro team
  • Freestyle technique and dance combination tips
  • Q & A with Amberley and current Dance Pak Members

And so much more!!

Limited enrollment:  Open to dancers and cheerleaders ages 17 yrs and up.

Space is limited. To reserve your spot at the workshop send an email to  Your spot is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation. Should you need to cancel once you’re assigned a spot, kindly send a courtesy cancellation email.

* This is not a mandatory workshop and participation will not affect the outcome of your audition in June.


RDP Pre-Audition Workshop Highlights

Foot Locker Raptors Dance Pak auditions are coming! Take a look at highlights from the pre-audition workshop this past weekend…

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