The RDP Jumbotron Viewing Party

So every season around this time I squeeze the entire Dance Pak into my downtown condo for a jumbotron viewing party. This has been a tradition since, well.. Before I was even on the team. Let’s not start adding up the years; just know it’s a lengthy tradition.

The evening starts as a potluck, finally giving us some time to share stories, catch up on each other’s lives outside of the team and, of course, the vets always end up sharing some hilarious experiences and memories through out the years. Shout out to our very own ‘Susie Homemaker’ Colleen for all her amazing desserts! She certainly never disappoints.


This is followed by all of us huddling around my television and watching their performances. There are always some nervous faces at the beginning but I always remind them that this is a fun, educational experience that will only better their performance abilities. There are bursts of laughter when we watch our dances with our special guest star — The Raptor. My personal favourite is watching the girls as they catch an awkward facial expression or even the infamous caught in the act lip-synching while dancing. Mostly, I love it when I hear the girls complimenting each other on their close-up/performance.

All in all, it is a truly incredible bonding time for all of us! People are always asking us if there is drama on the Dance Pak… Let’s face it, you put that many girls together for the amount of games and rehearsals we have and you just assume. Luckily, I am so grateful to have such a wonderful group of ladies on this team.

We are a true family! #RDP4Life

Coach Amberley

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