Dissecting The Dagger: Pacers

The Raptors deserve some props for staying pretty resilient defensively until their offence could get on track in the fourth quarter in their home opener.

But it was an inability to anticipate, rotate and close out on Indiana’s Danny Granger and David West in pick-and-pop situations that cost them dearly in the game’s final 90 seconds. Here’s the sights and sounds from the sequence that changed the game.

Danny Granger’s Three

James Johnson: “They ran the normal play. We knew it. We watched film on it, I studied it and we were on it. I just helped too much, I got over too much and got screened in. The big guy did a good job of screening me in and Granger is going to knock down a shot like that every time when he’s wide open.”

David West Ices It

David West: “We know that we are going to get a good shot and those are the sort of situations that I am real comfortable in. I enjoy being in that spot to have an opportunity when you need a play to be made, to just be there. I thought that the way they were defending we just made the right choice in terms of going to that look.”

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel: “We try to keep it simple and they [Pacers] have heard for 48 hours since the last game, that everytime we run pick-and-roll and we hit the pop man and force rotations, we get good stuff. It happened not just on that play but on Danny’s (Granger) play before that was a result of the same thing, a pick-and-pop, move the basketball, get the defense rotating and then we attack. So it had worked for us.”

Raptors head coach Dwane Casey: “It’s one of those things that you have to play for the entire 24 seconds. They had about three or four plays that they fumble, fumble, once second on the shot clock and they throw in a three, we don’t rotate out to Granger in the corner, so a breakdown there…  It’s not one guys fault, it’s not on one man, it’s on all of us collectively as a unit not to have those breakdowns in those crucial situations. But those two plays, with the kind of hesitant rotation, really broke our back.”

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