Free Throws Prove Costly Against The Pacers

Another solid effort from the Raptors against the Pacers on Friday, but a frustrating finish at the free throw line proved costly in a 95-90 loss. Of course, no one captured all of that emotion better than you.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets: Pacers @ Raptors 

@AlineBouDiwan: Having a #TMLtalk and #RTZ game at the same time is stressful for a Torontonian

@jsunioThe #Raptors are playing with a lot of confidence and look like they’re having fun out there against the #Pacers

@RyanJHTurveySomeone must have shown Derozan that article about accountability. #lightingitup

@bopbop_simsimCalderon playing like he did 2 yrs ago, his vision is superb. Protecting the ball & his jumper is smooth & sure once again

@scotsedleyEvery time I turn to the game Amir Johnson is making a play.

@alidzzzBarbosa with the huge stuff on Collison, no easy buckets

@ListonRaptors fouls 27 to Indy’s 13. Its the negative consequence of “no easy buckets”. Indy shooting 85% from line for 24 points.

@SnapbackkzWooooow magloire just got a air ball at the line, Games over, I’m shocked

@DMcGuinness37: Raptors missed out on a bunch of clutch FTs in the 4th and it cost them.

@SteeeboI’ll be the first to admit I thought this raptors game would be a blowout. Good on the boys for fighting hard at home without Bargs

– Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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