The Wrap: Holiday Hitlist, Half Court Shots and a Very Happy Birthday

With the team on the tail end of their west coast swing, the social capabilities of the interweb have been keeping us all in one place, many of us staying up past our bedtime, maybe addicted to the high of the back and forth battles or the fourth quarter rattles. I am. And undoubtedly because the #RTZ crew isn’t going anywhere.

It has been a rock ‘n roll, roadie. After Pops read me the latest Raptors buzz over morning coffee yesterday morning, (post script opinions included), I conquered the Christmas shopping list poking at my pride and realized that the intensity of the season has secretly prepared us for another fact: there are fifteen days of Christmas shopping left. So to help, I will put on my ‘Santa hat’ for a few short breaths and lift your presumed panic with some options for the biggest Raptors fan on your list.

I picked this little guy up at Real Sports Apparel after my father threatened to disown me when I showed up wearing a (not the Raptors) cap. He says that he was just looking out for my well being. And Real Sports is looking out for you. They’re making it easier for sports addicts this holiday season with their new Real Sports Apparel Online Store. The crew at the store is telling me to get your orders to their elves before December 14th to guarantee that your gear gets to you before Christmas Day.

Or continute to mix and mingle post holidays with the entire team at the Raptors Red Party Remix. This year it is taking place at The Ballroom, a personal favourite venue, in support of our wonderful Team Up Foundation. Yes, there will be bowling. Yes, this is awesome. I love the vibe of this years event. It fits in with the Raptors culture just right. And expect the unexpected! One year, Drake even stopped by and grabbed the mic.

Unexpected guests have been making the Raptors practice court their place to ball lately. This week pop singer Austin Mahone spent his downtime putting up shots on his first visit to Toronto.

He told me that Drake and Justin are two of his industry idols so he was thrilled to be following their footsteps on the court. And then I challenged him to hit a half court shot.

Bam. Do you want to see someone on the practice court? Maybe attempting the half court shot, too? Let me know and I will initiate the mission.

Finally, Aaron congratulated Jose on his 500th game in Raps red and Jose wished Aaron a happy 28th this past weekend. That’s nice.

I’m rolling out on a little basketball inspired holiday ditty that I enjoy because it makes everything better.  Chin up, crew. – @MatterofKAT

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