It’s all about YOU.

Amidst the cold and winter blues, I always believe in having something to look forward to or to celebrate, to get through the damp days. So here’s today’s list:

  • The rook rolls home with the trophy.
  • Going for “#VictoryBaby” numero five in Washington.
  • A very happy second half of the NBA season!

As we get back to the regularly scheduled program and business commences on the road tonight for the team, the leftovers from the sunny all star weekend in the south are still dripping on our minds. Oh, what a flight! I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely added more than a handful of views to our youtube page as I relived the awesomeness that Terrence brought to the court in Houston.

So as I sip on my morning coffee, my playlist is a little different than usual. Blogging to the sounds of a swoosh.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again; time flies when you’re having fun. It’s wild to think about the journey from the original #LetRossDunk tweet to the victorious smile on his face as my crew and I stood on our feet in front of the television Saturday night losing our minds.
The power of the Raptors family proved solid once again. That’s you! For all of the tweets, support, belief, RT’s and hype from day one of the movement, the transition from #LetRossDunk to #RossShallDunk to #RossJustDunked happened. And as we saw, Terrence was more than grateful to have the Tdot crew keeping it one hundred under his feet as he took flight.
Picture 4

Your support didn’t go unrecognized by the rook and your support never goes unrecognized by the Raptors! So here is a little thank you for being so awesome. FAN NIGHT is upon us once again, taking place this Friday February 22nd, and it’s all about YOU! We have nothing but mad fun planned as the Knickerbockers enter our domain. Kyle Lowry is making his first appearance as a Raptors bobblehead and you’ll be taking him home to add to your collection, you’ll be able to vote for the in-game entertainment that you’d like to see from music choices to contests and legendary hip-hop artist Young MC will be bustin’ a move at halftime. More giveaways and prizes than ever, too! Trust me, I saw the stash. You know what, let’s not wait until Friday and start now. These are the choices for the RSA Fast Break deal of the game:


Connect with me on twitter @MatterofKAT, send me a simple “1, 2 or 3″ and get ready to go home with some great gear courtesy of Real Sports Apparel!

So to sum it up, it’s simple; you’re awesome. I always enjoy the non-stop chitchat with you on twitter and let’s keep things flyin’ high for the second half!

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