James Johnson Doubles Down

James Johnson models his new look

James Johnson may be getting a lot more attention for his mohawk-meets-braids hairstyle (appropriately self-titled The James Johnson “because there’s only one like it”), but a slightly more under-the-radar look will be on his jersey this season.

Johnson is switching his number from zero last year to two this year and the versatile forward credits an old teammate from his Wake Forest days for the change:

“Gary Clark, he was a scholarship player with me and Jeff Teague. He wore number two, but he never played. Every day he was in the gym working hard and grinding hard to get the chance to play and if his opportunity came, he was going to be ready. It never came when we were there, but when we left, he grinded it out and became a starter.

We had a long talk and he said the reason why he wanted me to wear number two is because that means only two people in this world can stop me and that’s God and myself. I took that and I wanted number two and I’m going to go with that as my motto for the year.”

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