#MusicMonday: Serena Serenades Despite All-Star Hecklers

Just last night, after watching the Raptors claim the victory against the Orlando Magic, you may have tuned into the 43rd annual Juno Awards, showcasing the impact of Canada’s talent on the music world.

Co-host of the night, Serena Ryder (who joined forces with fellow Universal Music artists Classified and Johnny Reid) took home the awards for Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.


And it’s been quite the year for the Toronto native, most recently being a focus here on #MusicMonday when she represented the country and sang the Canadian National Anthem at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game. And she sang it well, getting praise from fellow Canucks including Raptors Global Ambassador Drake (who claimed Rap Artist of the Year at last nights Junos).

“He like grabbed me and gives me a big hug. All the cameras are on me. It was the most surreal experience.” Ryder told the Canadian Press when asked about her experience at All-Star in an interview prior to the Junos. She also admitted that it was much harder than it looked performing in the Big Easy, due to the interactions with the NBA All-Stars themselves.

“When I was walking out to sing, all the all-stars were lined up on the podiums. And they were heckling me!” she recalled in a recent telephone interview. “Seriously, I was walking and three or four of the dudes — I don’t know (who) because I wasn’t looking, because I was on camera — but as I was walking, they went: ‘You’re live. You’re live. Start singing. The camera’s on you. Go ahead.’

“I really felt like I was in high school, walking down the hallway right by the jocks who were super popular and they were all commenting on my gothic outfit — which they actually did, I was a goth in public school. And I got made fun of all the time.”

But Serena held her own around the big dogs and performed a flawless anthem that made her country proud.

I guess it’s part of the territory. Back to that Raptors-Magic game just last night…


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