Raptors Assist Local Officials With Latest Annual Seminar

On Sunday, September 8th, the second annual Raptors Officials’ Seminar took place in the Raptors practice court. The Raptors host this event yearly in association with Fox 40 International to encourage the recruitment and development of basketball officials in Ontario.

Paul Johnson, the president of the Ontario Association of Basketball Officials (OABO) commented on the positive impact of the event, saying, “OABO is thrilled with the on-going partnership with the Raptors. Learning from current and former NBA officials through the Raptors Officials’ Seminar is a great way to start the new season. We look forward to continuing to work with the Raptors in an effort to recruit and develop officials across the province.”

The four-hour seminar registered 150 local basketball officials and provided them insight from NBA experts through an interactive panel discussion with some of the best in the business.

(From left: Steve Javie, Violet Palmer, Bob Delaney)

Key figures in the industry that took part in the panel included Steve Javie, ESPN Rules Analyst and former NBA Official (1986-2011); Violet Palmer, first female official in the NBA; Bob Delaney, an NBA Cares Ambassador and former NBA Official (1987-2011); and Ron Foxcroft, Founder & CEO of Fox 40 International Inc.

The seminar impressed even the pros. “It was an honor to share time with Canadian basketball officials, I was very impressed with their level of dedication and commitment,” Delaney said. “The more time we spend improving our skills at programs like this, the better we will serve the game of basketball.”

As the only NBA team in the country, the Raptors are leaders in supporting the development of basketball in Canada. The Raptors Officials’ Seminar is one of many initiatives the Raptors conduct in the community, including the Raptors Basketball Academy, Raptors Clinics, Coaches Open House, Learn to Dribble and more.

To become a basketball official or for more information on how to get involved, visit the Ontario Association of Basketball Officials website at www.oabo.ca and search for a local board near you or visit us online at www.raptorsofficials.com.

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