Anthony Carter: “I play every possession like it’s my last”

I missed posting this Monday, but if first impressions count for anything, then back-up point guard Anthony Carter seems destined to enter the pantheon of Raptors fan favourites. With defence seemingly a part of his DNA (count the references in the above clip) and some snarl that’s been in short supply around these parts, the vocal vet should bring a presence that will serve as a natural extension of what Dwane Casey wants to see on the floor.

“I’m your friend on the court, but off the court I don’t have ...

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Raptors Prepare For A Season Unlike Any Other


Leandro Barbosa touches his head. Then he taps a spot on his chest directly above his heart.

“It’s going to take both,” he says.

Media Day brought the first public viewing of the 2011-2012 Raptors and it will be a regular season like no other.

The Raptors will play 66 games in an astonishing 113 days. What begins Boxing Day in Cleveland will end four months later at home against the New Jersey Nets.

“Man, it’s insane,” said centre Aaron Gray, a seven-footer who played last season with the New Orleans Hornets.

“We’re doing two-a-days ...

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Casey Wants Raptors To “Pound The Rock”

Before the Raptors began work on implementing a new offence or getting down to the fundamentals of defence, new head coach Dwane Casey attempted to drive home one philosophy to his new players.

Namely, “Pound The Rock”.

It’s an expression many sports fans have probably heard before, but its roots have nothing to do with overdribbling or a heavy dose of the running game in football. Around the start of the 20th century, journalist and social reformer Jacob Riis provided the unexpected inspiration for a legion of sports coaches when he observed ...

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James Johnson Doubles Down

James Johnson models his new look

James Johnson may be getting a lot more attention for his mohawk-meets-braids hairstyle (appropriately self-titled The James Johnson “because there’s only one like it”), but a slightly more under-the-radar look will be on his jersey this season.

Johnson is switching his number from zero last year to two this year and the versatile forward credits an old teammate from his Wake Forest days for the change:

“Gary Clark, he was a scholarship player with me and Jeff Teague. He wore number two, but he never played. Every day he was in the ...

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Five things I’m interested to see this year from the Raptors


Thrilled to be back for a 14th season broadcasting Raptors Basketball.  How time flies when you’re having fun.

Look forward to giving you my weekly perspective during the season. And away we go!!

Briefly, here are Five things I’m looking for this season in Raptor-Land.

1. DEFENSIVE IMPROVEMENT: The Raptors last year left much to be desired in this category and must improve in every technical aspect as well as the day to day attention to detail and obviously the “effort plays” that winning teams make. I’m confident that Dwane Casey and ...

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Welcome to Matt Devlin’s Blog

We’re just getting started here so visit back for upcoming posts from Matt Devlin on the Toronto Raptors.

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On Mighty Mouse, Kanter & More

– According to, sources have indicated University of Memphis head coach John Pastner is poised to hire first-ever Raptors rookie draft pick Damon Stoudemire as an assistant with the Tigers. Both are products of the University of Arizona in the 90’s, with Stoudemire, the 1995-96 Rookie Of The Year, serving as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies’ coaching staff since 2009.

– We heard president and GM Bryan Colangelo mention it last week on The Score, but reports that Turkish big man Enes Kanter will work out for the ...

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The Rabbit Dilemma

Read Bargnani’s Official Statement

The basketball guy prefers ornate answers and gentle language. The hockey man speaks in six-word sentences and swears a lot.

Now that Bryan Colangelo has signed a multi-year-extension, he and Brian Burke have something in common past the letterhead on their cheques. Both will be charged with making a soufflé out of a donut.

It’s a simple truth that spans the sports: no centre, little chance of a playoff.

The Toronto Star’s Dave Feschuk reported that Andrea Bargnani told Italy’s Sky Sports that IF he were to leave Toronto he ...

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