Post Game Reaction: Raptors Disappear In DC

An unquestionably frustrating 93-78 loss for the Raptors in Washington on Tuesday, as turnovers and points allowed in the paint had them out of it by the third quarter.  But there was no let down from our fans in game two of a back-to-back. Here’s what you had to say about the blowout loss…

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Wizards

@Seahawks1Fan We really get to see the Raptors conditioning tonight.

@ConnerHarris25 Love seeing the young players grow every year! One day that youth will be the future stars of the NBA!

@FrancoHan DeRozan has to take that strong and try to draw some contact..

@elbowsout Big @eddavis32 with a Block on one Series & huge Board the next! His Pops is also in the house!

@ryanNseal That reverse lay-in is so routine for Bargnani.

@Liston Raptors main “wings” are a combined 1 for 15. Against a poor defending team. Unreal.

@TTOTambz Can history repeat? Remember Detroit last year? Refs aren’t giving us anything so they need to play on PRIDE now

@akatuddy Jumpshot after jumpshot.. The Raptors are tired.

@rtzfans 20 turnovers? This bakery needs to be SHUT DOWN

@KbanM When the Raptors play hard defence on one night, the next night they are too tired offensively and defensively!

– Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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