Post-Game Reaction: Raptors Rocked By Nets

It wasn’t a pretty one at ACC on Friday, as the Raptors had their roughest outing of the season in a 97-85 loss to the Nets. The best part? It’s quickly in the rear view mirror as the Raptors board a flight to Philly to close out a back-to-back against the Sixers.

Here’s now are your Top 10 tweets from our #RTZ chat on Twitter tonight…

@elbowsout I want every Raptor to hustle like Barbosa, Rebound like Amir, Slash like DeRozan, pass like Calderon & shoot like Bargs!

@ShakeelSalamath Raptors need to do better job with defensive rebounds, cutting down the second chances

@darrenandrade Over last two 1st quarters, Raptors have totalled just 1 trip to free throw line. More aggression out the gate is crucial.

@MitchMatch24 James Johnson doesn’t always get the stats but he is great energy off the bench.

@Ronny006 So we got this whole pound the rock thing down, now how about defend the perimeter??

@Ziadelgamal I’d rather the raps give up 3s than let the rest of the league set up a permanent clinic in the key like they did last year.

@bkang90 Raptors not rolling over…got to respect the effort and fight the team are showing

@Slimsunbeam That surreal moment when the way @raptors are playing is more important than the score! Can’t steal a second away to check it out

@ealmunayer Bargs and Jose are doing their part in the game so far and in the season, its time for the others to contribute on a consistent basis

@I_am_Tyril_ This is the #Raptors 1st bad game of the year! Can’t blame the guys! Deron Williams is just too good! He picked apart the Raps D!

We’re also going to routinely get some post-game reaction from Akil Augustine of NBA TV Canada, with his “View From The Couch”

Until tomorrow Raptors fans…

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