Post Game Reaction: Raptors Smoked By Sixers

Outside of the double-doubles for Andrea Bargnani and Amir Johnson, not really much to celebrate tonight in an ugly 97-62 road loss to the 76ers. Your Top 10 #RTZ tweets of the night.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ 76’ers

@RapsfanMike – Bargnani’s ability to find the open man while double teamed has improved this year.

@c_RAKKAR – amir johnson is putting in WORK

@EZpEazY – @DeMar_DeRozan needs to stop hesitating when he drives to the basket! Be aggressive!

@VarandK – Andrea Bargnani is missing open shots that he’d drop blindfolded.

@Ronny006 – 11 first half turnover…maybe it’s time to close that bakery

@Marshell – Definitely need Linas Kleiza to come back for another scoring option. This bench can’t score..

@RyanOnBoard – Love that #Raptors D has improved and is 2nd in league in Opp. FG%…but wow this offence needs a jolt

@JosephCasciaro – The Sixers ended this game on a 56-24 run….

@StatzCanada – Needless to say, disappointed in the #Raptors effort. They’re much better than that

@gabbyb11 – @raptors fatigue after 2 games? what’s going to happen in the next 7?

– Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans).

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