#RaptorRehab Is In Full Swing

Raptor Rehab is in full swing and raptors.com has the inside details.

The NBA’s favourite mascot has been busy rehabbing his Achilles tendon injury with an eye to returning to the sidelines at Air Canada Centre this season.

We asked The Raptor to give us some tips he is using to speed up his recovery.

The five tips for #RaptorRehab:

1. Drink eight cups of water per day, preferably from a waterfall you can trust.

2. Limit complex carbohydrates such as mammals, especially late at night.

3. Try to avoid the fast food available in lagoons and ponds in favor of carrot patches and vegetable gardens.

4. Absolutely no running for prey. Instead, opt for freeze dried dibs that bridge the gap between the Triassic Period and the present day in no time flat.

5. Gets lots of sleep. Sleep is vital to recovery from injury. A good rule of thumb: find a cave that is noiseproof without too many distracting hieroglyphics on the wall.

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