Raptors Break Through Against Boston

In a 86-74 Toronto win that many will chalk up to Celtics’ fatigue, the undermanned Raptors showed some distinct swagger — particularly in the fourth quarter — against their division rivals on Friday.

The result was possibly the home side’s most surprising of the season given Boston’s lengthy domination of the series, the Raptors’ recent play, not to mention key injuries to Jerryd Bayless and Andrea Bargnani. But then you get fans like @RyanJHTurvey, who offered up this near-perfect prediction before tip-off :

Close enough to earn Ryan our #RTZ Tweet of the Night, but he wasn’t alone in terms of excellent observations throughout the game. Here’s a super-sized edition of your best tweets throughout a big Raptors win.

Top 20 #RTZ tweets – Celtics @ Raptors

@RyanOnBoard: Your team is rested. Their team just played the Lakers in OT. RUN THEM OUT OF THE GYM!

@Jontings: This is how you protect homecourt. Be aggressive and get off to a good start.

@MegiMK: James Johnson has developed a real fondness for dunking. Good look on him!

@TDotSportsBlogr: Wow DD stands for Dynamic Dunker on that one!!

@meganjaye08: The best part of the Raptors game has to be the guys dressed as Dumb and Dumber.

@M_RRIS: Props to the man that needs no props! DeRozan killin’ it.

@AlexandreEDM: Aaron Gray is my hero tonight. Until a minute ago had no points but ten boards. He is there to help the Raptors WIN! Team play!

@21michaely: Derozan with the slam, johnson with the slam, eddy d with the slam i smell a W!

@gregwong57: There is no last game. There is only this game and the next one. Great hustle so far.

@gabbyb11: It’s a block party in Toronto, all the Celtics are invited!

@kbdrawattention: Loving seeing Kleiza’s huge head cut-out run along the bottom of the screen after a big three.

@RapsfanMike: Kleiza is such a silent assassin that nobody saw that 3 ball coming.


@RyanWarnholtz: Amir climbing the invisible ladder to grab that offensive board!

@kingkadakia: The #Celtics have only 51 points in the 4th…Dwanye Casey’s defensive tactics are working real well

@GlendonThe2nd: The only thing scarier than an actual Raptor is DeMar DeRozan in attack mode.

@Ryan_LR: 3 of last 4 over 20 points for DeRozan. If he can give 20 a night and so can Bargnani, the Raptors would have a good offensive combo.

@Abubaker13: Jose Calderon the heart, hustle and soul of the Raptors

@Scott1Hastie: This week, Calderon has 32 assists to 4 turnovers.

@rapsdiehard: Statement made! The #raptors shut down the #celtics at home after being blown out the last 2 meetings.

– Tweets compiled by Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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