Raptors Defence Slips In Loss To Bucks

For a team striving to build on a new foundation of defence, Raptors head coach Dwane Casey is starting to see cracks.

“I just mentioned to the team that we’ve lost that pride of guarding our yard,” Casey said after the Raptors’ 105-99 loss to the Bucks at ACC on Wednesday. “What we established in training camp has slipped.”

Defence was also on the mind of @jason_leite, who earned the #RTZ Tweet of the Night with the following:

For more on a good start, rough finish plus good performances from DeMar DeRozan and James Johnson, here’s the best of what you had to say during the game.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors vs. Bucks

@loveofthegame10: The hometown Compton matchup of DeMar and Jennings has not even been close early on with bragging rights going to DeMar so far.

@baulderdash77: Toronto Raptors winning after 1Q. Not usually newsworthy, but it’s the first time in 16 games that’s happened

@jaypresident: Trading baskets with #Bucks won’t get us the win. Let’s play some defense fellas!

@notnicePRYCE: #Raptors need to find and maintain that balance between penetrating to the rim & taking jump shots & 3’s then they will be consistent

@AlexandreEDM: Woah! @DeMar_DeRozan was deep on that last 3 ! Offense lighting up the @raptors hope they can follow through with it!

@James_Rosay: With a front court of Johnson & Johnson the Raps sound like a law firm.

@ReeZen: james johnson is the best thing to happen to the raptors in a long time. all heart.

@TheSunsRay: That was a really good 3rd q for the Raps. The inside and out game working and the D stepped up. Some opportunities were lost.

@RyanOnBoard: Last trey wins! ACC has been flooded with all these treys raining down by the Bucks & Raps

@SweetWillowTree: A little more defensive effort at first and we wouldn’t have to play the fouling game in the last minute.

– Tweets compiled by Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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