Raptors Can’t Cap Comeback In Houston


It may have been the Raptors’ first of two matchups against a solid Rockets squad this season on Tuesday, but the script seemed to be a familiar one.

One letdown quarter — this time being the first — just proved too costly for a team with a near microscopic margin of error. To the Raptors’ credit, they battled incredibly hard down the stretch (with several starters on the bench) and had a shot to tie it down 86-83  with 11 seconds to play, but they couldn’t get a good look out of a timeout and the end result was loss number 24 on the season.

Our #RTZ Tweet of the Night from @kuyaBRIAN_  shared that sentiment, while also showing some respect for Kyle Lowry — the tough as nails lead guard that finished a big night with a game-high 26 points and five assists for Houston.

The Raptors have little time to reflect on the loss as they now travel to New Orleans for a date with the Hornets on Wednesday. Until then, here’s the very best of what you had to say about tonight’s game on Twitter.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Rockets

@jason_leite: 33 games to go. All about evaluating and developing talent, with a few hard fought wins thrown in there so the youngins learn to win.

@AjayWho: Time for the Raptor to show primal instinct is no match for rocket science

@ramialsayegh: raps down by 10 in the early going. i honestly hope we can turn things around.. we had a good week rest now lets get it

@MitchMatch24: With @Raptors wearing home white jerseys in Houston they need to start playing with home team mentality, protect house.

@loveofthegame10: 2 bright spot for the Raps in this half have been the great effort on the glass by Davis off the bench, and the consistent play of JJ.

@ReeZen: I’m not a basketball genius or a chef but 6 asts and 11 turnovers is not the recipe for a W.

@terenizzay: That Derozan dunk was better than any dunk in the Dunk competition.

@Steeebo: The raptors MVP this season has been their zone defense.

@joshpacee: The second unit is playing pretty good down the stretch.

@EsxBee: Another loss, but incredibly impressed with their efforts in the second half. James Johnson with a solid game and Ed Davis with 15 rbs!

– Tweets complied by Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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