Raptors Grounded By Hawks In Atlanta

The Raptors continue to battle shorthanded, but they just didn’t have the offensive punch needed to top the Hawks in a 93-84 loss on Monday afternoon.  Here’s Akil Augustine from NBA TV Canada and Raptors.com with his rapid reaction from the couch after a 93-84 loss to the Hawks.

… and of course, here’s your reaction during and following the Raptors fifth loss in a row. Thanks as always for taking part and we’ll see you Wednesday for the first regular-season meeting against the Celtics.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets: Raptors @ Hawks

@TheRounder: Nobody should be allowed to shoot the ball except for Jose Calderon. The rest of the team “go to the hole”!

@Robjohnso: Barbosa keeping the Raptors afloat in the first half despite the too many turnovers

@likeswush: Raps need to run plays through the bigs. Guard play too predictable right now.

@Darkstar_Inc: Raptors slowly chipping away at Atlanta’s lead. Unforced turnovers the story again tonight, Raps down 6.

@The_Grunt: Raptors are hanging in there. Loved seeing the zone produce stops and easy fast break points in the 2nd quarter.

@SimplyROLLANin: Derozan just needs to play his game! Drive the ball and take easy twos. Don’t look for fouls, let them come!

@jeffcheng: Demar should be the number one option right now. He really needs to get his confidence up. He’s way better than he’s looking.

@JLew1050: Raptors FINALLY getting to the line. 16 free throw attempts in the 3rdQ. BUT they hit on only 10 of them. Where’s Dave Hopla at?

@FabFiliDee: And that’s all she wrote.. Raps lacked big time offensively down the stretch of the 4th

@sabrinamadhani: A lesson for @raptors : turnovers and missed free throws are not gonna win you games

 – Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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