Raptors Can’t Overcome Slow Start Against Blazers

Make it seven straight losses for the Raptors, who were competitive with the Blazers for the final 36 minutes on Friday, but LaMarcus Aldridge began a monster night with a bang and the home side was playing catch-up the rest of the way.

The Raptors now search for an end to their slide on the road, where they begin a five-game trip  in L.A., with stops in Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and Newark. More on the trip tomorrow, here’s what you had to say about Friday’s loss during our in-game, #RTZ chat on Twitter.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Trail Blazers @ Raptors

@jazzym18: Two dunks to start off the game!! That’s what im talkin about ;)

@Nat77: Camby has more rebounds than the #raptors. Blazers are +10 on the boards and lead by 13 after the 1st.

@Darkstar_Inc: Let’s just pretend the 1st quarter didn’t happen and start over, anyone?

@TDotSportsBlogr: Barbosa showing the rest of the #Raptors how to get to the rim – need more of that

@justintetreault: Forget 60 seconds of madness, how about 60 seconds of defence? Let’s start with that.

@_Up_n_Adam: Aldridge has 23 and 11 before halftime. This isn’t NBA2K12. Just wow.

@kingkadakia: I’m liking Aaron Grey’s defence. Doing a good job on Aldridge in this quarter.

@CoachDurdin: FINALLY !!!! @raptors going to rim & getting out on break -result Huge run back into this game

@RyanOnBoard: And player of the game, by far, for the #Raptors: James Johnson. Hustle on both ends of the floor

@thePharaoh_: Raptors battled hard to get back in this game but too little to late. Offense desperately misses Bargnani

 – Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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