Raptors Can’t Use OT To Overcome Slow Start In DC

There’s no question the Raptors have work to do when it comes to getting off to better starts. If the Raptors showed the same intensity in the first half that they displayed late or at virtually any point in Miami on Sunday, we’d likely be discussing a different result right now.

But man, what a fourth quarter.

The Raptors clawed back down the stretch against the Wizards and both teams began going back and forth right through until the end of overtime, which prompted our tweet of the night from @__NICKeloden

Many of you were truly impressed by the performances of Jerryd Bayless and Linas Kleiza — two Raptors really rounding into form right now and who picked up the scoring slack in a major way with 30 points each.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Wizards

@JustinCNS: Raptors off to a slow start. Got to protect the rock! Hustle hard! Gray doing a solid job on the defensive boards

@jhaymoney: Not sure what’s up with the #Raptors looks like they left the intensity and hustle in South Beach!

@Gedi: Linus Kleiza is single-handedly keeping the Raptors in this game. 15 points in the first half off the bench.

@RyanJHTurvey: Wall just playing at a speed the Raptors can’t match tonight.

@nimao94: Heart, dedication, commitment, self perseverance… characteristics the raptors are showing in the last few minutes.

@kuyaBRIAN_: Jerryd Bayless is the man tonight. Big games come in small packages.

@MatterofKAT: I don’t have to run to give my heart a workout this year. I just have to watch 4th Q’s of #Raptors games.

@MajorFan19: who said the raptors are extinct? alive and well, right back in the game! playing inspirational basketball! H&H!

@hjethwani: It’s something about the #Raptors in Washington. Somewhere Mo-Pete is watching this and laughing.

@jason_leite: The #Raptors this year take it personal. Never go down without a fight. Win or lose, Casey has instilled a sense of pride in this team

 – Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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