Raptors Collapse In Fourth Against Cavaliers

With NBA D-Leaguers occupying most of the depth at the point guard position and both teams featuring some significant NBA talent on the sidelines, it’s difficult to determine just how much stock to put into the Raptors’ 84-80 loss to the Cavaliers on Friday.

But the Raptors did appear to have advantages in terms of remaining talent, home court and momentum heading into Friday’s game, which makes their fourth-quarter collapse an extension of a maddening ability to remain consistently inconsistent.

“A lot of ours [mistakes] were self-inflicted,” Casey said post-game. “Cleveland came in, they are a prideful team. They brought it to us. We didn’t have the same swagger, the same mojo I though that we had going against Philly.”

The fourth-quarter numbers really tell the tale:

Quarters 1-3 4th Quarter
Scoring  63-51 17-33
Raptors FG%  .481 .269
Cavs FG%  .296 .474
Raptors FT Attempts  15 9
Cavs FT Attempts 22 18
Raptors Turnovers 9 5
Cavs Turnovers 6 2
Raptors Assists  12 1
Cavs Assists 9 7

JJ Sits… Again:
Make it a second straight DNP-CD for James Johnson, who was available for Friday’s game but still did not see a second of floor time and was planted at the very end of the Raptors bench.

Casey said post-game that he was happy with the play of Alan Anderson and Linas Kleiza at the three spot ahead of Johnson on Friday, the re-iterated the disciplinary angle to the forward’s benching.

“He’ll be available to play on Sunday, he was available to play tonight and we chose as a staff, I chose, not to play him. Again, we’re going to build the program the right way, do things the right way and we’ll go from there.”

Johnson also spoke briefly to the media and had little to add when asked if he had received an explanation for sitting.

“I don’t really need one. It’s an internal matter between the coach and me and I’m going to deal with it.”

Tough way to end a modest win streak, but Raptors fans tweeted through it all. Here’s the best of what was said during our #RTZ game night chat.


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