Raptors Don’t Wilt, But Can’t Beat Heat

The Raptors brought a super-sized effort to Miami on Super Bowl Sunday, but a brief sputter in the third quarter proved to be enough of an opportunity for the Heat to exploit in a hard-fought 95-89 defeat.

Our Latest #RTZ Tweet of the Day winner @gabbyb11 agreed, winning a pair of #Raptors – Lakers tickets with this observation about the game:

Plenty of you also had a lot to say about an outstanding and aggressive performance from DeMar DeRozan (25 points, 8-16 FGM-A, 9-11 FTM-A), which you’ll see in a special edition of the Top 20 #RTZ Tweets…

Top 20 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Heat

@Pirasan24MVP: I think the #Raptors might have an edge, because Dwayne Casey knows the Heat’s weakness since he coached the Mavs.

@DexterSoze: James Johnson is balling today. he’s like “you’re the Heat? so what I’m the raptors”

@TheSquik: #Raptors are starting well. @DeMar_DeRozan sure likes this kind of up-tempo style! Love seeing him attack early

@a_dot_a: Demar derozan brought his talents to south beach

@TheKarltopia: @DeMar_DeRozan with a sweet spin move worthy of the National Ballet of Canada!

@seanfrancois: Nice work Toronto! They keep moving the rock, getting everyone involved. Not settling for the outside shot. Great to see.

@sarimb: wow! I LOVE when the raps play up to their competition

@CanadaGrant: DeDunk! DeRozan is owning the lane!

@SirousAfshar: That has got the be the most impressive in game dunk DeRozan has had in a Raptors uniform. WOW!

@_Marc_W: love that demar is just putting his head down and attacking the rim for freethrows

@MitchMatch24: “To be the best you gotta beat the best.” Great to see the #Raptors playing neck and neck with great competition.

@ealmunayer: Raptors matching Miami in all aspects, and thats why they are in this game. Win or lose, Raps fans love what they see.

@edelyntolentino: Raptors showing that the harder they work, the harder it is to surrender

@MajorFan19: Raptors must be cold-blooded because the heat isn’t affecting their play!

@Kevin93La: Demar Derozan looking like a cornerback, guess he’s pumped up for the Superbowl.

@dontstopdamusik: Hopefully the Super Bowl is as exciting as this game!

@Liston:  Solid effort against a very tough matchup. So good to see @DeMar_DeRozan “flip the switch”. Hope we see much more of this

@sabrinamadhani: Raptors came to compete today…Seeing @DeMar_DeRozan pick up his game today was a win in itself!

@Byronicle89: Our #Raptors should keep their heads up, and take the goods+positives out of this game ie kept Miami under 100, did not get blown out

@kuyaBRIAN_: Excellence is a habit. Not an act. Need to see this level of play every game for the rest of the season.

 – Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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