Raptors Dropped By Hawks At ACC

After the Raptors’ most consistent effort and lopsided result in their favour on Sunday, that momentum was promptly halted on Tuesday with a 100-77 loss to the Hawks at ACC. It looked like the Raptors were ready for a fight early, but their offence sputtered in the second quarter, Joe Johnson kept a hot start rolling into the break for Atlanta and the home side couldn’t recover.

“I thought we came out with a competitive spirit but I didn’t think that we sustained it long enough,” said head coach Dwane Casey succinctly post-game.

Here’s what you had to say about a discouraging result from ACC.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Hawks @ Raptors

@jonathansunio: It is essential for the #Raptors to contain Joe Johnson if they want to win.

@RaptorsForum: James Johnson is this teams swiss army knife. Able to do a lot of things, can play multiple positions and roles

@The_Grunt: If JJ continues to get the minutes and opportunity he may lead the league at SF in blocked shots at years end.

@MegiMK: This game is spinning out of #Raptors control faster than Tasmanian Devil. Hoping for a much better second half.

@TJellyn: I get the feeling ATL toying with us, Raps make a run they say ok that’s far enough then go on to reel off consecutive buckets.

@MitchMatch24: I always see Calderon talking to teammates and coaching staff. He wants to soak up knowledge and be best leader he can. Player/coach.

@MPG20: Were living on a prayer here! Raptors gonna need a miracle to take this game.

@_Up_n_Adam: Amir, James, Joe and Ivan. Is this the most Johnson’s in the same game in history?

@EsxBee: Raptors have so much potential thanks to Dwane Casey. Just waiting to see that magic! C’mon Raptors!

@kuyaBRIAN_: Everything that went right on Sunday, just didn’t tonight. Need to find consistency in level of play & players.

 – Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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