Raptors To Pick Eighth After NBA Draft Lottery

There was no NBA Draft Lottery luck for the Raptors on Wednesday, as they remain in the eighth spot following a process that was very much about stone cold probabilities for most part. The Raptors had about a 12 per cent chance to move into the top three picks, a 70 per cent shot of staying eighth and were faced with the very real possibility of falling at least one spot to ninth (16.5 per cent).

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With the value of the Raptors’ first round pick now established, GM Bryan Colangelo has a much better idea of the assets at his disposal and seems optimistic about his options as he leads the team into a pivotal offseason.

“There’s a wide range of players that we’re looking at,” said Colangelo in a post-Lottery conference call. “We feel that a player at eight will certainly add to our building process or the value of the eighth pick will perhaps be something that is packaged with something else to create a trade asset, if you will.”

The lottery was true to form for the first ten tames named, but the New Orleans Hornets finally brought some drama with four picks remaining, as they made the leap to number one with just a 13.8 per cent to do so. The Charlotte Bobcats (owners of the league’s worst record this season and the best lottery odds at first on Wednesday) settled for the second overall pick, while the Washington Wizards rounded out the top three.

We’ll have more from Colangelo on the potential to move the eighth pick, possibilities for the Raptors’ two second-round picks (37th, 56th) plus winners and losers from the lottery on Thursday.

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