Raptors Win Second Straight, But Lose Bargnani…

Just an unbelievably bittersweet result from the Raptors on Wednesday night, as they leave it all on the floor in the second game of a back-to-back in Utah.

They’ll take the well-earned 111-106 double overtime road win to end their recent futility against the Jazz, but the greater concern has to be the well-being of Andrea Bargnani, who was forced to leave the first overtime period after aggravating his left calf strain.

According to @RaptorsPR, Bargnani will be re-examined tomorrow in Denver and we’ll bring you any updates as soon as we hear anything official.

Until then, here’s what you had to say about the huge win in a very special extended edition of our Top 20 #RTZ tweets plus reaction from NBA TV Canada’s Akil Augustine straight from his kitchen.

With double OT comes double the tweets… Top 20 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Jazz

@IamMarcFlorante: Wow! Andrea Bargnani has never won against the Jazz! Hope he gets this 1st W tonight against this team.

@RapsfanMike: Barbosa needs to wear a cape. He would make a good superhero

@TJellyn: I’m starting to see the Kleiza from Denver, don’t know who that was last season.

@augustojoshua: That 3 pointer was from so far away that Bargnani had to show his passport

@RyanOnBoard: Aside from the obvious defensive leap by Bargs, James “Ninja” Johnson has been the most consistent Raptor every game

@IamMarcFlorante: Raptors have been playing with great effort these last two games. Hope they keep it up like this for the rest of the season.

@PatHanlon: Good to see the #raptors have found an extra gear to stay in the 4th Q. #poundtherock

@loveofthegame10: No road trip in Raptors history has been more brutal for the Raps then the Phx-Utah-Denver. They have Looked good so far.

@nickazar: Bargnani is leaps and bounds better than he has ever been. If that man isn’t an all-star in this league then I don’t know who is.

@ZanTabakHerald: This team is completely different when @AndreaBargnani is on the court. This is the stuff Stars are made of

@bjonesbc: Take away an Italian and they’ll throw a Lithuanian at you

@LilRomeo905: Wowwwww, the best #Raptors game so far this season. This is the kind of game I want to see on a nightly basis!

@jonathansunio: One word to describe this game for the #Raptors: Clutch.

@mijetta: These guys are fighting to the death! This one is for Bargs!

@Nat77: This defense and fight is something I don’t think I have ever seen from a Raptors team. EVER.

@GBritzz: Raptors are DESTROYING my twitter feed…I LOVE IT!!!!

@justgeorgeazar: Barbosa with the dagger! Big win for the raps!

@michaeltorres03: This has been one of the grittiest performances in the history of the Toronto #Raptors. Clutch shots and great D. And a WIN!

@Architect_Ed: Wow #raptors break two 8 year droughts in back to back games. Dwane Casey for coach of the year.

@jlazaga: The basketball gods are smiling on the @raptors tonight.

– Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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