Seven Year Old Star, Slam Dunks and Spelling Lessons.

As I watch the tweets roll in from the team as they depart the city and the six game home stand officially closes, I’m reminded how the capabilities of the interweb these days are such a wonderful thing. It’s a glimpse “past security” into the lives of some of our role models. When you’re wondering what they’re thinking after a game or dabbling in on their day off you can find the answer wrapped into 140 clicks. Especially when the cameras are off!

Here’s my favourite interaction of the week:

Picture 6
Picture 8

Are you following the players on twitter? And a shoutout to the latest addition to our twitter game, Mister @ASqared06. There is no ‘U’ in squared, trust me.

Speaking of taking people “past security”, seven year old Corrado may have found his calling at this weeks game. No name was too hard for this little champ.

Canada Basketball is looking to put you in the spotlight too. A big happy 90th anniversary to them! It’s wild how a whole country can seem that much smaller when wrapped into one passion. During my Dance Pak days I was lucky enough to meet fans from across the country who were all connected by the love of the game. And to this day we still keep in contact on twitter. See! Those wonderful capabilities of the interweb proven again.

They have a fun new social media call out in search of proof that us Canucks can ball. They want you to show them your trick shots and tossing your dirty gym socks into your laundry basket after basketball practice completely counts. I pretty much just did that. Get some inspiration from this incredible collaboration of dunks never seen in the NBA dunk contest. That 540 is a beautiful thing.

I took a shot in my wrap this week. I would just like to say that I made the basket on the first take. Maybe like Corrado, although twenty years later, I aswell have found my calling. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming big.

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