Shorthanded Raptors Crush Nets

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You can count Sunday’s convincing road win against the Nets as a high point in a season that’s bound to filled with more than a few peaks and valleys.

Whether it was winning without Andrea Bargnani and Leandro Barbosa, the reconfigured starting five, a possible breakout game for DeMar DeRozan or finishing a lengthy trip with a winning record, you had plenty to say about it in our nightly #RTZ chat on Twitter.

Top 10 #RTZ tweets – Raptors @ Nets

@jonathansunio: I’m liking the smaller lineup for the #Raptors. They are quicker and have more options offensively against the #Nets.

@RyanOnBoard: Johnson & Johnson happy for free advertising with that WIDE open look for James to Amir for dunk.

@rorybarrs:  Casey’s lineup change markedly improved the #Raptors first quarter performance. It’s the #Nets, but still.

@_SantosJay: Raptors playing with extreme confidence ! Great to see the hard work their putting in.

@loveofthegame10: Bayless defence tonight on one of the best point guards in the league in D Will tonight has been outstanding!

@Robjohnso: Team playing unselfish basketball. I’m liking the Calderon and Bayless chemistry.

@JLew1050: The #Raptors starting SF (DeMar DeRozan) looks awesome tonight, much better than their old starting SG (DeMar DeRozan)

@jwalk11: Raptors holding New Jersey to 53 pts through 3quarters… 12mins let’s finish strong

@yeeitslanz: Derozan playing like I have been waiting for him to play, aggressive!

@KellyRKip: Huge game for the raptors! First time going 3/5 on the road since 2001. Congrats @DeMar_DeRozan for an amazing game!!

– Natasha Alibhai (@rtzfans)

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