Throwback Thursday: Raptors Hit Playoff Lead of 26 – Now and Then.


Have you recovered from last night?

Mixed within the madness of a smooth sailing turned stormy Game 5 run for the Raptors was this historic fact:

@Raptors matched a team playoff high when they led 83-57 (+26) – largest lead in playoff game. Raps led +26 in Gm 3 vs. PHI in '01

— RaptorsMR (@RaptorsMR) May 1, 2014

The original record was set during the Raptors and Sixers playoff meeting in 2001.

Amir Johnson had just celebrated his 14th birthday, just prior to his Westchester High basketball days. Today he turns 27.

Janet Jackson’s ‘All […]

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Raptors Speak Out Against Bullying At Halifax School Visit

By Akasha Di Tomasso

On Day Four of training camp, the Raptors Basketball Development and Community staff, along with alumni Jerome “JYD” Williams, ascended upon Fairview Junior High School. Their goal? To ensure the 350 students in the attendance heard about the importance of having a school environment free from bullying.

“Kids save kids and every one of the kids here at Fairview can be the catalyst of change. It’s time for all of them to speak up – and being part of a team [just like the Raptors] is a great way […]

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