#MusicMonday: Compton Kids


From Cali to Canada, DeMar DeRozan is one of fifteen all-time NBA players who’s hoop dreams began in parks in Compton, LA. Fellow Compton kid, Kendrick Lamar said he probably crossed paths with DeMar in one of those parks shooting hoops before life changed for the both of them.

Basketball and music collided in this Slam Online hoops and hip-hop tell all with DeMar and Kendrick.

In various interviews, they both credit their crafts of basketball and music for keeping them focused on the good road when things around them were a […]

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#MusicMonday: Kyle’s Hip Hop Heroes

When taking a look at genres of music, it’s evident that hip-hop plays a big role in the basketball culture. Whether amping up a players pregame ritual or keeping them company between #wheelsup and #wheelsdown tweets, the four-part pot of elements, consisting of deejaying, emceeing, breakdancing and graffiti, is commonly the choice among NBA-ers when ‘play’ is pressed.

Kyle Lowry hems and haws about some of his hip hop heroes:


And for your opportunity to combine basketball and music take a quick trip here for a chance at a […]

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