Throwback Thursday: On Muggsy And A Massive March Upset

With the Toronto Raptors 20th season just around the corner and the anniversary buzz already in the air, we’ve had a few of our favourite Raptors alumni in the building this season. Last night, I watched the crowd snap pictures with fan favourite Muggsy Bogues which made me play connect the dots down throwback lane. Come with me for a minute…

With Muggsy in town, fans were posting some of their favourite photos of him on twitter all day long. This picture of Muggsy and Michael Jordan? Awesome.

Muggsy and Michael Jordan

The movie Space Jam with Muggsy and MJ? Double awesome.


Still connecting the dots…

So with the 20th anniversary around the corner and Jordan’s old team, the Chicago Bulls, chasing the Raptors’ tails in the East right now, it took me here:

In March 1996, during the Raptors inaugural season, the Raptors pulled off one of the most unpredictable upsets of the season. They defeated Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls (109-108) who eventually went on to become the NBA Champs that year after sealing their regular-season run with 72 wins. Jordan scored the Bulls final 15 points and attempted the game winning shot that night, which went in, but didn’t beat the final buzzer. And the crowd went insane, reporters stating that they hadn’t heard the Skydome like that since the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series. It was the biggest crowd in Toronto basketball history, filling the SkyDome with 36,000 strong.

“I wasn’t watching the shot,” said Raptors forward Tracy Murray,”but when I heard the noise, I went, ‘Oh, no, don’t tell me it didn’t go in.’ It was so incredible, I just wanted to lie on the floor.”

That quote, plus more shock and excitement from the Raptors, who capped off their first season winning 21 games, shows up here in this article from the LA Times.

And here in the game that was:
YouTube Preview Image

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